Oliver Stone finished a documentary about Putin

American film director Oliver Stone finished shooting a documentary about Russian President Vladimir[t:tag slug=vladimir-putin]Vladimir Putin. On Thursday, September 8, RIA Novosti reported producer Igor Lopatenok. According to him, the tape is at the stage of installation, the date of its premiere still unknown.

“Stone’s film - it is a great and very interesting picture filming finished, now it is mounted when it comes out -. It is a mystery, but the film will be interesting to the audience, especially the US” - said Lopatenok permanently residing in the United States.

The desire to make a documentary about Putin said the director back in 2014. Then he noted that he would like to interview the Russian leader. Stone himself told this to Putin on November 4 at the Theatre of Nations in the writer’s memorial evening, director and actor Vasily Shukshin.

Oliver Stone thrice honored with award “Oscar”. The greatest popularity gained his painting “Platoon,” “Wall Street,” “Born on the Fourth of July,” “The Doors,” “Natural Born Killers” and “Alexander”. The director is known not only for its artistic achievements, but also political views, which eventually turned from moderately conservative to left and are reflected in his work as a director. Stone has repeatedly argued in favor of civil rights and freedoms, in particular, supported the march in Washington against the surveillance of special services for Internet users.

8 September 2016

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