Our “Smeshariki” in the United States have become “Kikorikov”

The company Shout! Factory bought the rights to rent in North America, two full-length Russian cartoon about the adventures of Smesharikov, writes Hollywood Reporter. As the newspaper notes, cartoons script has been specially adapted for American audiences.

Source: pravda-team.ru

Smeshariki. Legend of the Golden Dragon” and “Smeshariki. The Beginning” will be screened in cinemas and sold on electronic media in the United States under the name “Kikoriki”, writes the Hollywood Reporter.

“We love the world” Kikorikov “- said vice-president of the Shout Factory Jordan Fields -. Both films - this is a very funny comedy with a rather extravagant characters, talented feed of the plot, a light satire and rich animation.”

He noted that the witty, full of the events of the original film script was adapted venerable Hollywood animation staff. Therefore, according to Fields, “Smeshariki” and their sense of humor will appeal to American and Canadian audiences.

Cartoon, which started as a television series in 2003, was featured in a variety of countries, including the US, Germany and the UK. Currently, the creators are working on the third part of the full-length “Smeshariki”.

Recall to Pravda.Ru wrote that the Russian cartoons attract Western audiences. For example, the Russian cartoon “Masha and the Bear” so much liked by the audience in many countries, that three days was able to score more than nine million views on YouTube. But American teenagers have admitted that “Russian cartoons are not always clear, but very cool!”.

6 September 2016

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