Interesting facts about the film “Operation” Y “and other adventures Shurik”

More than one generation has grown up on the famous comedy Gaidai “Operation” Y “and other adventures Shurik.” Classics of the genre with a careful selection of the cast, which will be eternal, because anyone who has ever watched the film, returns to it again and again.

The audience fell in love with the image of the main character - naive and eccentric student Shurik, who manages to get caught in the most absurd adventure, but with the advantage of them to get out. Thus, in the “mate” Shura fight with a bully and a parasite Hoosier, guiding him to the right path; in “Obsession” is very unusual preparation for the state exam and meets a beautiful student Lida; in the “Operation” Y “opposes the” robbery of the century “, standing in the way of the three criminals:. Goonies, Coward and Experienced The film can be viewed as a family every year, and he does not get tired of simple truths embedded in it, at least. hopefully, will never become obsolete.

Interesting facts about the film “Operation” Y “:

-25 March 1964 was approved by the script, and July 23, 1965 has held its premiere;
-16 August 1965 world premiere of the film;
- The first version of the future of the film consisted of two stories, and not three as in the latter;
-name of the protagonist, a student Vlad Arkov was replaced by Shura due to ethical considerations (first name caused an analogy with the name of Lenin, which clearly could “spoil” the biography of the leader);
-on a major role claimed by such well-known actors like Alexander Zbruev, Vitaly Solomin, Valery Spout, Sergei Nikonenko, Vsevolod Abdulov;
-Role Shurika could get and comedian Yevgeny Petrosyan, as he, too, was among the candidates for the title role;
studio-”Mosfilm” almost unanimously approved for the lead role Valeria spout Gaidai was not sure of the correct choice, and this time the director’s intuition did not disappoint; the main role was offered aspiring actor A.Demyanenko;
oo scenario of the future film director eminent personally went to meet A.Demyanenko;
-Valery Spout yet appeared in a cameo role of the student in the exam;
-M.Pugovkin Fedi turned down the role because of improper complexion;
-movie filmed in Leningrad, Moscow, Yalta and Odessa;
-Music for the film wrote a little-known at the time the writer Alexander Zatsepin;
-Some funny episodes invented the actors during filming; so the plot with a rapier, injuring gunman in the chest was coined Nikulin;
–pamyatniki most famous students of the country’s leaders have -Shuriku and in Moscow in front of the Moscow Economic Institute; Krasnodar to the Polytechnic University, as well as in Ryazan and Togliatti;

Interesting facts about the actors:

-Hair natural brunette Dem’yanenko specially bleached Shurika for the role;
-Demyanenko Was married twice; with his second wife lived until his death;
-in 1945, Yuri Nikulin was denied admission to VGIK in connection with an inappropriate appearance;
-Nikulin Participated in two voynah- Finnish and World;
-Under Domes Nikulin circus spent a total of about 50 years;
-in 1943 Yevgeny Morgunov sent joking letter to Stalin with a request to “posposobit” in the admission to the acting department; 15 days from the Kremlin came to a positive response;
-After Receiving the title of Honored Artist in 1978, oddly enough, Morgunov virtually stopped getting interesting roles; later and did no role;
-Prichina Death Morgunova- stroke; Yuri Nikulin and Alexander Demyanenko- heart; G.Vitsina- chronic heart disease, and liver;
- G. Vitsin lifetime fond of the fine arts, good at drawing cartoons and even had some success in this area;
-Aleksey Smirnov (Fyodor) - actor, komik- was a participant in the Second World War and was awarded the medal “For Courage” and “For Service in Battle” became a knight of the Order of Glory 2nd and 3rd degree, and Knight of the Order of the Red Star;
-kollegi Smirnov did not know anything about the military achievements of the actor; it became known only during the tour, when the speech came the military, among whom was Marshal Zhukov;
-vsledstvie contusion A.Smirnov forever lost the opportunity to become a father that very painfully all his life;

12 August 2016

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