Georgia bought from “Mosfilm” the right to shoot the continuation of the legendary “Mimino”

Georgian businessman, co-owner of the largest in Georgia radioholding Fortuna (controlled by four radio stations: Fortuna, Fortuna Plus, Ar Daidardo and “Autoradio”), Zurab Chigogidze bought the rights to continue shooting the film “Mimino” in the near future intends to start production of films. This RNS told himself Zurab Chigogidze.

“We bought the rights to film the continuation of” Mimino “-” Mimino - Flight continues, “In the near future we plan to start shooting”, - said Chigogidze. It is expected that the film will be next year, now there is a search for a director. There are no details of the project, he did not name, citing the fact that the project is at an early stage of development.
Rights were bought from “Mosfilm“, as well as from personal owners, authors of the screenplay - Georgy Danelia, Revaz Gabriadze, Victoria Tokareva. The rights to the music from the film were purchased by the composer George Kancheli, Zurab Chigogidze said.
Soviet comedy “Mimino” was released in 1977. The film took the director Danelia. Starring Vakhtang Kikabidze Frunzik Mkrtchyan, Yelena Proklova and Yevgeny Leonov.
Zurab Chigogidze also is co-owner of the Georgian company Niltex Holding, which manages the rights to broadcast TV channels in Georgia “Gazprom-Media” (TNT, “Friday”, etc.), As well as CCC, Viasat, Amedia and a number of others.

1 June 2016

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