Lobkov called the channel “Rain” and slammed the door sect

Known for leading TV channel[[t:tag slug=kanal]channelRain” Pavel Lobkov has decided to leave the company. Indignation journalist called a campaign to subscribe to channel content and “dances and songs” in the broadcasting schedule.

“I’m going to hurt me, as perhaps few people my pockets cleaned out my insides gutted…”, - Wrote the TV presenter on your page to Facebook.

“From the lively, creative, young company, where I was in my 45 was the oldest and most conservative, you have become a cult faktchekerov, Event-producers and muftis. Those few who would like to return the channel shape of the scale, secular, witty, were stuffed with rags “- accused colleagues Pavel Lobkov.

In this case the journalist admitted that the other proposals on the work he does not.

“Yes, anywhere No hashtags or job offers you..” Rain “, were the last hope I would like to have, without any malice turned on without me.” - He wrote.

Pavel Lobkov worked on the channel “Rain” in 2012, led the program “The burden of the news,” evening show “Here and Now”, “We go home.” Prior to that, he worked at the channel TRK “Petersburg” and NTV.

30 May 2016

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