Gosh, from the series “SashaTanya” left the project charter to promote alcoholism and parasitism

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Actor Alexei Gavrilov, playing the role of Gosha in the popular TV series on TNT “SashaTanya” leaves the project. On his decision to the actor told the leadership in just a few days before the start of filming of the new series, according Life.ru.

According to the artist the role of Gosha, he no longer wishes to promote parasitism and alcoholism among young people. “Having once again the script, I realized that the longer I can not support the ideology, which promotes through this series is my hero This -.. Lazy, parasitism, alcoholism in my life I am completely different person, lead a healthy lifestyle and all call for . Therefore, the same part on through his character in the degradation of the population, I do not want it - my firm position “! - Said the actor Life.ru.

Source: rpcdn.ruposters.ru

As Gavrilov said he would not want young people to mimic the behavior of his character in the sitcom. “I am very grateful to the actors and producers, and the channel, but at the moment I am not prepared to continue to play this role. Because young people looking at my character. Watch the children, students and involuntarily themselves associated with them, try to emulate, perhaps, and I would not want them to imitate the habits, which are my hero “- cites Life.ru artist.

Also, the actor explained why he decided to leave the sitcom right now. “When the first season of the show” Sasha Tanya, “I suggested to the authors to change a little bit my hero, but they did not hear me, I do not want to appear in the series where just neighing: pussy, zhopki, thumps a beer, and that there is more in the minds of people -. . it is we do not care that I was not all the same I realized that I do not want to deceive ourselves and the audience “, -. I told Life.ru Gavrilov.

26 May 2016

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