Giant winking Putin “made the day” New Yorkers

On the giant billboard on the main square of New York suddenly appeared an image of President Vladimir Putin’s Russia, which considerably surprised and amused passers-by. It was the work of “switchers” - representatives of the subculture has taken on more and more popular in our country and abroad.

In late April, passersby in Times Square witnessed the unusual phenomenon. Advertising machines on a giant billboard suddenly interrupted video “eight-bit” image of the Russian leader, who smiled kindly to Americans and even winked at them.

It later emerged that the “meeting” of the president and the American people, organized by the Russian “switchers”. The two men climbed to the roof and broke billboard length of more than one hundred meters to run it on video. While the Americans are wondering whether they are faced with the advertising action, US officials prefer not to comment on this case.

According to eyewitnesses rated joke, roller periodically appear on the board all day, during which time Putin “welcomed” a few thousand people. One of the passers-by managed to remove what is happening on the video, which quickly became popular on YouTube. Note that hacked billboard is the largest and most expensive in the US, but this did not prevent craftsmen to access it easily.

“Switchers” movement was born in the beginning of the century, however, the real has gained popularity recently. Most often the participants are trying to connect to the digital billboards by any means to play for them the video of the comic, provocative or political nature. For example, not so long ago, “switchers” in Kiev launched on the billboard video dedicated lawlessness Ukrainian politicians.

19 May 2016

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