“Soldiers of Allah” are planning to blow up planes over Europe missile (It is said in the documentary journalist who spent six months with the terrorists)

French cell of the “Islamic State” (declared a terrorist group and banned in the Russian Federation) had planned to blow up passenger planes flying over Europe. For these purposes, the Islamists want to use a rocket launcher.

This information has provided a journalist who infiltrated the terrorist group under the pseudonym Said and Ramzi held together with the radicals of six months. Man shot on a hidden camera everything that happened in the den of terrorists.

These frames are included in the documentary “Soldiers of Allah”. According to the journalist, in the group are people with suicidal tendencies who become entangled in itself. They are easy to manipulate.

The reporter was assigned to organize a terrorist attack in a nightclub. The attack was necessary to carry out the scenario of attack on the concert hall “Bataklan”. The journalist left the group and produced a documentary that showed French channels.

3 May 2016

In 2015, the highest dose of negative reports BBC broadcaster BBC was the EU and Bashar al-Assad, Putin - in third place - analysts Swiss company Media Tenor
The authorities think about the total shutdown of analogue TV in 2018

• At the show organizer at the NSU film about the murder Baburova raided »»»
Police on Wednesday raided the apartment of a student of the Novosibirsk State University (NSU).
• In Novosibirsk, the students were attacked before showing a film about the murder of journalistic Baburova »»»
Group of unknown persons attacked the students who came to Novosibirsk State University on Tuesday night to watch a documentary about the murder of Novaya Gazeta “Anastasia Baburova.
• Dutch teleprisyazhnye short of bin Laden - Osama no more than a product of propaganda " »»»
Dutch TV show “Devil Advocate”, which was built in the form of trial, this week made the subject of further proceedings, the tragedy of September 11.
• Today, ten years of news channel "Euronews" in Russia »»»
Ten years ago, appeared in Russia a European television. Contemporary European: vintage, business, a little cool, but it is always appropriate professional standards.
• Published on video from a helicopter firing of journalists in Iraq »»»
Resource WikiLeaks Monday, April 5, posted a video with the murder of journalists in Iraq committed by U.