In 2015, the highest dose of negative reports BBC broadcaster BBC was the EU and Bashar al-Assad, Putin - in third place - analysts Swiss company Media Tenor

Study of transmission Bi-bi-si in order to identify the general background of feeding and language used by journalists showed that during 2015 up to 30% transmission with reference to Vladimir[t:tag slug=vladimir-putin]Vladimir Putin had a negative connotation to the Chinese leader Xi Jinping - 7%. 45% received negative Syrian leader Assad and the EU.


“Coverage of the European Union on British television in 2015 was extremely negative as the EU appeared as undemocratic and helpless in the face of global threats combining Chinese leader was applied in a much more positive light..” - The newspaper notes.

Over the past 15 years, a third of the programs Bi-bi-si on the EU maintained a negative supply association, adds the newspaper.

“Impartiality is impossible to measure with the help of some mathematical formula of the EU activities in the news BBC BBC highlights objectively and impartially we are pleased we have achieved a balance.” - Said the official representative of the data broadcasting company.

The research appeared in the background of the planned referendum on June 23 to withdraw Britain from the European Union structure. One reason for the vote was discontent London EU migration policy.

Bi-bi-si - Old British Broadcasting Corporation. The basis of the budget is a tax paid by all owners living in the UK TV and other devices that transmit video signal.

This is not the first time that the television and radio company is suspected of bias. In January 2016 the air Bi-bi-si film came out with allegations of corruption in Putin’s address. The Russian then drew attention to the lack of evidence of the facts sounded.

25 April 2016

Mayor of Riga called shame and stupidity of blocking solutions Sputnik, and the prohibition of “Russia - RTR” in Latvia. This raises questions in terms of compliance with democratic standards in the EU country
“Soldiers of Allah” are planning to blow up planes over Europe missile (It is said in the documentary journalist who spent six months with the terrorists)

• Broadcaster BBC plans to create a Russian version of its World Service (fatal crisis of confidence) »»»
With BBC plans to create a Russian version of its World Service to compete with Russian TV channel RT.
• Sky TV starts 3D-football matches »»»
British television channel Sky Sports on Sunday for the first time in the history of television will broadcast a football match in three-dimensional format (3D), the report said channel.
• Slovak TV fined for lighting unilateral annexation of Crimea »»»
Slovak committee to oversee television and radio broadcasting fined Slovak
• New revelations Amy from Ivanovo. "If Putin is Russia to annex the U.S." »»»
An activist of “Our” World of Ivanovo again became the heroine of the video on YouTube.
• "First Channel" carved out "Oscar" speech about Ukraine »»»
Broadcast of the award ceremony "Oscar" waged "First Channel", were cut to the actor Jared Leto on the events in Ukraine and Venezuela.