Mayor of Riga called shame and stupidity of blocking solutions Sputnik, and the prohibition of “Russia - RTR” in Latvia. This raises questions in terms of compliance with democratic standards in the EU country

“The closure of the Latvian national domain zone of the Russian Internet portal, publish information on the Russian and Latvian languages, and suspension for six months of activity of TV channel Russia-RTR are absolutely idiotic decisions“, - he said in an interview with local edition of “News Today” Ushakov.

“It needs to be someone to rest assured that in the modern world at the present level of technology can combat Internet portal, forbidding him to use the domain lv?” - Said Ushakov. He noted that even after the blocking portal, even for five minutes did not stop their work. “He just changed his address, and became And Moreover, as a result of this campaign a great advertising portal was made, and I guess that the number of readers had grown many times I repeat: this is an absolute idiocy - to think.!. in our time can be adjusted portals that can be opened anywhere with any domain, “- said Ushakov.

Commenting on the ban on re-broadcasting “Russian-RTR”, Riga Mayor asked the question: “Some people do not know what channels are available today, not only in cable television networks, and the Internet.” He said such bans “look policy is not even the 20th and 19th century”. “It is during the reign of Nicholas I censors opened envelope, read the letter, crossed out of them single words, then again sealed envelopes and sent to the recipient, but in the XXI century, this attitude seems at least strange.” - Ushakov said, noted that he is talking about technical component.

From a policy perspective, he called the decision a disgrace for Latvia. “This is how much you need not respect their own country, to think that one of the thousands or tens of thousands of portals (considering all languages, including English, German and Swahili), publishing information about Latvia, threatens the security of the state! Or that the state security threatened one of dozens of TV channels broadcasting in Russian, and sometimes including reporting something about Latvia, “- said Ushakov.

Riga Mayor said that when the first time in Latvia has been temporarily prohibited broadcasting “RTR-Russian”, he was in a meeting at the US State Department. There, he said, “in unison said that the closure of TV channels is absolutely unacceptable.” “So these decisions - firstly, shame, and secondly, stupidity, and thirdly, they cause a lot of problems in terms of compliance with democratic standards in one of the EU”, - concluded the mayor of Riga.

About Blocking Sputnik Agency site in Latvia it became known in late March. In an official letter to the registrar of the domain with reference to request the Latvian Foreign Ministry, said that the “domain name registration a breach of the EU Council Regulation concerning restrictive measures against the threat of territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine.” The Russian Foreign Ministry called the decision “a manifestation of blatant censorship.”

Translation of “RTR-Russia” was limited to six months by the decision of the National Council for Electronic Media. As told BBC BBC head of department Ayia Dulevsky channel broadcast twice already restricted in 2014. “The last time they failed to comply with Latvian law, and now - the EU legislation are serious violations:. Calls for war and incitement to hatred”, - said Dulevsky.

20 April 2016

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