Opening! That is what these countries have stickers on bananas

Have you ever wondered why someone glued to each banana a special sticker? It turns out that important information embedded in them!

If these four-digit code, which starts numbers 3 or 4, it means that the product has been grown on the basis of intensive agriculture, which also involves the use of fertilizers and pesticides. If the product has a 5-digit code that begins with 9, which means that the product has been grown by conventional means, as is done for thousands of years. Now this method is called “organic”, in other words without the use of pesticides and fertilizers. If the product has a 5-digit code that starts with numbers 8, this means that the product is genetically modified or commonly known as a GM.

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12 April 2016

Zhirinovsky proposed to move all the burial from the Red Square in Mytishchi: “Stalin suffered flowers March 5 Bloody dictator We still can not get over it.”.
On the Internet a trailer for the film “Doctor Strange” with Benedict Cumberbatch in the title role

• State Duma will consider a bill to ban profanity in movies »»»
State Duma meeting on Tuesday will consider on second reading a bill prohibiting the use of profanity in TV and radio.
• Here is the number ... »»»
Number 23 In the word “number” - five letters, while five - this is two plus three, ie 23.
• The French daily produce 450 thousand illegal downloads of films from the Internet »»»
According to the Director General of the French Association for the anti-illegal audiovisual products (l’Association de Lutte Contre la Piraterie Audiovisuelle) Frederic Delacroix, the number of illegal downloads of films from the Internet might soon exceed the number of tickets sold in the country’s cinemas.
• Tax Ukraine calls for questioning 242 employees, "Vesti" (Poroshenko: "Vesti" I do not read, but I do not like, we are conducting the work against them) »»»
At a press conference on Friday, Petro Poroshenko said that Ukraine - the unprecedented freedom of speech.
• Keane will not? Public funding of film reduced retroactively »»»
The amount of funds allocated to the Ministry of Culture of the budget to finance the film in 2010.