Zhirinovsky proposed to move all the burial from the Red Square in Mytishchi: “Stalin suffered flowers March 5 Bloody dictator We still can not get over it.”.

“We have the same in Mytischi made a memorial cemetery, it was full of empty seats All Red Square need to bear all the burial.” - He said he drew parallels between Soviet ideology and the ideology of the banned Russian terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG also known as the LIH).

You are against the Soviets - to shoot. You’re against LIH - shoot. Ideology terrible, chief, leader, smuggling, counterfeit money, looting.

According to Zhirinovsky, the IG “robs the Middle East, the removal of artifacts” and “Bolsheviks looted all the king’s reserves.”

9 March 2016

Psychologists have banned children to watch “Masha and the Bear”
Opening! That is what these countries have stickers on bananas

• "Soldiers of Allah" are planning to blow up planes over Europe missile (It is said in the documentary journalist who spent six months with the terrorists) »»»
French cell of the "Islamic State" (declared a terrorist group and banned in the Russian Federation) had planned to blow up passenger planes flying over Europe.
• Zhirinovsky calls to censor the discussion of the national question on the TV as Journalists are looking for controversial subjects, "and then - blood, violence and excitement" »»»
LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky said that the Russian authorities should not allow to air TV programs in which to discuss critical issues are submitted, for example, the national question.
• Zhirinovsky calls off TV series about the Duma »»»
The leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, State Duma Deputy Speaker Vladimir Zhirinovsky, proposes to withdraw television series about the members and call it “Okhotniy number.
• WikiLeaks: State Department has asked for assistance in Hollywood propagandistckoy war with Russia »»»
The US government has invited Hollywood studios to participate in the information war against Russia, RIA Novosti reported with reference to international resource Wikileaks.
• CNN had to publicly apologize for the false report about the Russian protest: "mixed picture" »»»
Television channel CNN showed on Sunday December 12 false report about Saturday’s massive intervention residents of the Far East of Russia against the reduction of jet lag.