Psychologists have banned children to watch “Masha and the Bear”

Child psychologists do not recommend the popular animated series for viewing. At least the first part.


Educators and psychologists have expressed skepticism and even negative attitude to the popular Russian TV series “Masha and the Bear.” Experts believe that the young viewer’s need to return to the “roots” and show him a good, obedient and even submissive Masha, not shkodnitsu and rip Masha.

“Even American teenagers have noticed that the main character obvious problems with communication, if pets do not want to play with her, - experts say -. And Misha, Child opinion, clearly” fell “.”

“Knocked down” in the same way as when a “hit” poor cat Tom, years of brutal izvodimy mouse Jerry. This story, by the way, pretty bored foreign audience, so people expect from Russian animators something else.

For those who have not watched the show, experts advise not to do it, or at all, or start browsing with a new series.

“In the new series, the main character grows and changes for the better - say critics -. Thus, in particular, the girl stopped thinking only about yourself She had compassion for the unfortunate bears, to the unemployed wolf, lonely Frog now caring motivates a child.. rather than boredom and idleness. “The new” Masha is trying to help those in need, and not to draw them into their romps what to do before. “

3 March 2016

Why children’s cartoon “Masha and the Bear” want to ban in Ukraine?
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