Why children’s cartoon “Masha and the Bear” want to ban in Ukraine?

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Ukrainian National Expert Commission for the protection of public morals has decided to check are whether the children a threat to such popular cartoons like “Sponge Bob”, “Luntik”, “Masha and the Bear“, “Teletubbies”, “Pokemon” and “The Simpsons”, reports TSN .

The decision was made chairman of the committee Vasili Kostitsky.

The reason was to check the brochure posted on the website “The family under cover of the Virgin.”

“As a result of investigations it was found that all of these cartoons - a special projects aimed at the destruction of the family, the promotion of perversion, drug addiction and other Who could, for example, think that SpongeBob -. Is a homosexual,” Masha and the Bear “- juvenile cartoon, and common cartoons “Anime” - is the largest promotion of gender “, - stated in the brochure.

Its authors are asked to the president, the Verkhovna Rada, National Commission on morality and the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting to ban the display of these cartoons in Ukraine.

Studio “Animakkord” has no plans to continue the popular animated series “Masha and the Bear” - the final, 52-I of the project series “Until we meet again!” is available at the official YouTube-channel. In the story of mischievous Masha all of a sudden becomes a major and leaves from the forest into the city to sister Dasha. Instead, the main studio of the series is to focus on spin-offah (branch) the main project - “tales Machines” and “horror stories machines.”

23 February 2016

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