Crimea - Another World (film grossed 100 000 photos)

Dear audience!
Crimea - Another World - a film about my native land. About the place where I was born and live. Crimea - is a truly amazing place, its mountains, rivers, forests and fields have their charm in any season. But I see it not only in the afternoon, when the sun shines. In this video I wanted to show more of his charm night, thousands of these stars, the light of our own Milky Way Galaxy. Time when night covers the nature of his hazy blanket. In these minutes lies more than 1.5 years of traveling on their land, hundreds of hours of hiking and filming. For all the time the project was taken over 100 000 photos, which I then selected and assembled in the movie, filmed in Timelaps Technology (Tseytrafer). Let more people know all the beauty of our Crimea.

20 February 2016

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