Luntik teaches letters: Full version. Developing a video for the little ones

Very entertaining and fun to learn the letters with an interesting main character of the cartoon Luntik. Luntik helps your child get used to the world of letters in a playful way to learn. New cartoon - Luntik teaches letters bring joy to every child, and it will open up an exciting world of knowledge.
Together with his friends Kuzey, Mila and Pchelёnkom, Luntik decided to learn the letters. This hobby has attracted and General Sher. Exciting stories and unforgettable Luntik make the kid to be careful and concentrated. Throughout the story, the child will have to face various problems to be solved and help Luntik and his friends perform correctly.
Together with Luntik you will pass all the tests and learned all the letters, watching a fascinating cartoon about Luntik and his friends.
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Enjoy watching!

18 February 2016

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