Narrow group of sappers, “Voice of America” ​​neutralizes “ideological bomb” RT

Last week on the website “Voice of America” ​​was published an article devoted to RT “Shaw useful idiots.” It says that the transmission channel “do not look more convincingly than the international service of the Japanese and the Germans during the Second World War.” Radio Explorer “satellite” Dmitry Babich in the category “Personal opinion” encourages the author to stay and live in dreams with your TV.

I do not remember how many times I have seen in Western media articles against the RT, it is once funny expression - “useful idiots” (useful idiots). By “useful idiots,” the authors of these articles do not they understand Russian and foreign participants of RT programs. These people, they say, gullible, and therefore useful insidious Kremlin. It is also noted that all the RT, as in the West - “vivid graphics and fast paced supply.” And for a shiny wrapper - Putin’s ideological bomb!

And the Western media warn their population is supposedly naive: do not look and do not listen to RT, the “bomb in a shiny wrapper” can touch only experienced sappers anti propaganda. These are people with convictions Zbigniew Brzezinski, and with the voice of Yevgenia Albats (we have it, Doctor of Political Sciences at Harvard University, if anyone has not heard). Formed and a list of these sappers: Edward Lucas, Anne Applebaum, Peter Pomeranian (all three of them have become professional fighters with “Putin’s propaganda” over the past few years).

All this is very reminiscent of the Soviet struggle against the “enemy voices” era of stagnation, only the West and Russia have exchanged roles. Remember, too, the Soviet people were asked not to listen to the “voice”, and if you have heard and infected doubts, share your misfortune with experienced kontrpropagandistami with central television or from the KGB. They will be cured. So in today’s US citizens recommend to Snowden to complain to a national agency (ie, in the English sense of the word - the state) security, and on the RT - in the “Voice of America”.

And “Voice of America” ​​begins to neutralize RT. Published article “Shaw useful idiots.” On the ideological mine strikes are not common, and the general, five minutes from the Marshal of journalism. The author - a former 26th director of the state broadcasting company “Voice of America” ​​(Voice of America) David Jackson. Himself, he recommends a private page on the Internet at the same time as a journalist and government official (and you thought such oxymorons found only in the USSR?). Only in recent years David Jackson is proud of the launch of such class of independent projects as “The Pentagon Channel” (The Pentagon Channel) and Army newspaper “Stars with stripes” (The Stars and Stripes) - a full American counterpart “Red Star” era of stagnation.

However, his attack on journalism General has consulted with a neighbor on the ideological front - columnist for The Washington Post and many other publications, Anne Applebaum, specializing in anti-RT is not the first year. Himself characterizes as “a veteran journalist,” David Jackson begins his article old memories: “I remember in 1950 people, of which the Soviet Communists used for public promotion of its ideology, called useful idiots.” Meanwhile, Anne Applebaum has made six appearances in the press and at conferences with the same story about listening to RT, and Putin’s “useful idiots”, attributing this bearded joke Lenin: “Even in the Russian revolution, the days of Vladimir Lenin called sympathizers of foreigners useful idiots” .

So who owns the copyright is so valued by the Americans on the “useful idiots”? Lenin or anonyms from the fifties? Here between neighbors in a general attack on RT came out what the military called a “tear on the joints of connections.” But General of journalism such light punctures, as scratches of a lion, but increased tenfold force. Obviously, in the view of Jackson veteran of long beards anecdote only wins.

Further in his article “The show useful idiots” Jackson is trying to fill up the RT reception experienced boxer - Russian newcomers to the ironic advice. Like, with graphics all right, but here’s something about: “The Council of the Russian propagandists:. To achieve the promotion of efficiency or popularity channel unilateral accusatory speech in the US is insufficient cabling producers like to push the opposite point of view, not only for ostentatious balance opinions & lt; … & gt; but also to create intrigue and increase the potential audience during the presentation of arguments “.

One could suggest the veteran - General of journalism look like in ether RT were the former head of British diplomacy, Malcolm Rifkind, or vice-president of the American Foreign Policy Council Ilan Berman.
But why bother veteran? After all, he wrote: “Despite the catchy graphics and vibrant musical arrangement, the transmission (available in the RT transmission mean) do not look more convincingly than the international service of the Japanese and the Germans during the Second World War.”

Well, if the veteran does not see the difference between, say, the protection of the Russian media of the monument of the Bronze Soldier in Tallinn, the Estonian demolished “European” power, and Nazi propaganda during the war, it is best not to disturb him. As mentioned in one of the Italian comedy, let live his dreams with your TV.

“Some may argue that RT characters - just a Russian version of categorical American broadcasters like the liberal MSNBC Rachel Maddow with or conservative Sean Hannity with Fox, but there is one significant difference: the leading American government does not pay.”. Yes, we would add, it pays to Mr David Jackson with his “Voice of America” ​​- for the spread of democracy around the world. And there is something to pay: the work at the “General of Journalism” will be heavier than the RT authors. He needs to present as success stories of action, “Stars and Stripes” in Iraq (now a civil war zone), Libya (also a civil war zone), Ukraine (no comment), the former Yugoslavia (ethnically “clean” Kosovo region with the destroyed churches outside Serbian enclaves also speaks about something).

To present all of these countries as the success stories is much more difficult than to “improve the country’s image with such problems as Russia.” Though David Jackson and said that it is in RT “little chance”, they are still there. After all is learned in comparison. In comparison with countries whose governments followed the recommendations of Washington: Ukraine, Iraq, Haiti - the list goes on. Therefore, RT will continue to examine these recommendations and thus to their sources. As though it irritated David Jackson and other “Voice of America from Washington.”

16 February 2016

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