In the Netherlands, on the eve of the referendum will show the series of Ukrainian corruption

Western media continue to show the essence of the Ukrainian authorities in the telenovela format activist of the Ukrainian community in the Netherlands Alexander Snidalov told the story of the series, which tells the story of corrupt arrangements between the European Commission and the Ukrainians. As expected, the first series will be shown through the cable network of KPN on the eve of the referendum on association with Ukraine. Synopsis Snidalovu, he said, gave the actor, and the casting sympathetic to Ukraine

“Events will unfold around the history of Dutch, who met with the Ukrainian oligarch billionaire, has changed with it her husband and got a job in the European Commission. In the process she managed to ruin one of the projects of the company due to the fact that the oligarch had an impact on the European Commissioner, which depended the fate of the project Upon learning this, Dutch European commissioner makes resign and appoint her as his successor “-. he wrote on his page to Facebook.

series script was written by well-known Dutch columnist Leon de Winter, is actively opposing the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union. The day before he published an article in the local edition of, which introduced this document uses as the embodiment of conspiratorial plans to join Ukraine in a united Europe.

“Dutchwoman become EU Commissioner for Enlargement of the European Union. Soon, a journalist who learned about the connection Dutch to Ukrainian tycoon dies. In the Ukrainian oligarch and was Dutch-Commissioner twisted new scam while they are working together to us to include Ukraine in the European Union “, - said Snidalov.

Earlier, the American TV channel showed two series, the basis for which lay alleged Russian-Ukrainian conflict. The political drama “Madame Secretary of State,” the Ukrainian president Michael Bozek strongly appeals to the West with a request to state within NATO. In the film, the head of state said that, otherwise, he would be hanged on St. Michael’s Square.

15 February 2016

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