All good health! This radio “Through the Looking Glass.” We broadcast from Kashchenko: In the well-known mental hospital operates Russia’s first radio mentally ill

The first broadcast took place back in 2014. Author of the idea of ​​such a radio Tatyana Shcherbakova visited in Barcelona. It successfully broadcast radio for the mentally ill. Then Tanya went to Italy, and the radio station gave her classmate Dasha Lebedovoy. I must say that radio is one of the rehabilitation programs of the regional public organization “Club of psychiatrists.” Dasha was in my 3rd year of journalism of Moscow State University in the radio units. Put everything on a scientific basis (diploma she defended just for “Through the Looking Glass”). column appeared. Popularity grew rapidly. the authors began to arrive. Of course “with the help”. And with a huge talent. In the past year Dasha married radio engineer Vitaly Blagova. The first wedding on the radio!

The editorial staff of a little more than a dozen people. Only the chief editor, sound engineer and editor-editor came here from the big world. Other diagnosed. Radio broadcasts on the Internet. Is your site Live on Saturdays at 15.00. broadcast hour. So far, too far to the “Lighthouse”. All programs in the archive. There is also a podcast broadcasts. Every two days, laid out on the site of the new record. On the day of 60 visits. Not bad for a start.

Erase the stigma

For plastic windows in the hospital park alarmingly cawing crows. Kashchenko still mourning house. And no one will cancel diagnoses. There are long-term remission. Since it is necessary to learn to live with schizophrenia. The guys decided to break the stereotype. It seems they do it.

Those who can not attend live, come on the radio the other day. In a tranquil setting record their memories, poems, short stories. And these creations sound in live discussions between. It features radio Kashchenko.

- And why the “Looking Glass”? - Asked Dasha.

- First there was the option “Kashchenko FM”. In my view, bright and beckoning. But the guys voted for “Through the Looking Glass.” The idea was that we would be broadcast as a normal radio. And then, when we will become known, tear off the mask. But the idea was so-so. Unviable. And left “Through the Looking Glass.” But we are not only a radio for the mentally ill. We especially radio insane.

- Lesson of journalism for people has a pronounced therapeutic effect, - continues the conversation Arkady Lipovich.

- A broadcast on the department conducted?

- Not now. But we’re working on it.

It appeared, then the question thin. Not everyone is in need of radio station. Such is the specificity of the disease. Perhaps individual headphones? Spin the wheels to the music center? There was a proposal to arrange a low-power FM broadcasting in the limited space. Technically this is possible. But this violates the Law on Communications. So while the Internet.

- Only 6 percent of the mentally ill hospitalized. The rest quietly go to the Internet and listen to us - sums up the psychiatrist.

Immediately after the broadcast text messages poured in from listeners. We called from Tambov. There’s a local psychiatric hospital also operates his radio. Dubbed the “Reflection”. Branch, so to speak. Kind words and I said. Well, well done the same!

Then came Karina.

- I’ve come up with a theme - and worrying much blushing, she said. - Let me tell you about the holidays. What are they with me. And I’ll write to Friday poem about love. Can?

In ancient Greece, slaves put a stigma - the stigma. We have people with mental development features give it willingly. Stigma that extends from anecdotes to sheer neglect, and even fear. During the day I spent in Kashchenko, I saw so many interesting and intelligent people, and during the year its journalists’ fate would not be met. Nikita - a gifted architect who knows every blade of grass in Moscow. Ingenious pros Gosh, nice engineer Andrew, a brilliant scholar and a gifted journalist Julia Dmitry. The disease crippled them in the society. But this God is still there.

- Radio Journalists “Through the Looking Glass” burning passionate desire to contribute to an extremely difficult task - to change public opinion about people with mental illness, about their possibilities of psychiatry in general. And they speak in the first person, and say very sincerely, - says Arkady Lipovich. - Ill in young working age, they meet with rejection. They often are marginalized even in their family. Radio “Through the Looking Glass” was to invite people to broadcast public who care about this issue. Recently I visited a live-known journalist, an artist, a psychiatrist by training, PhD, who previously worked in the Hospital. PP Kashchenko (as it was then known) Andrei Bilzho. And though they talked about fine arts, culinary preferences, he always came back to square one, to the subject of mental health and human dignity. On the radio talk about the most important for people facing mental health problems: mental illness should not and can not detract from the dignity of man.

Another “Psychiatrists Club” publishes a monthly newspaper “Psychiatry: Ariadne’s thread”. Thanks to his efforts this year for the first time at the international competition of professional skills among the disabled “Ambilimpiks” go to Bordeaux and the Russian team, which shows brilliant knitters crochet. Here Dasha hardly uttered the word “antistigmatizatsionnoe radio”, when I asked her about the meaning of “Looking Glass”. Yes, and you too hard to read. But the essence of the word is simple: to dispel the stigma of a damn! And do not forget: here today and gone tomorrow.

by the way

fourth insane festival will be held in Moscow.

Every two years, carried out the Moscow festival of creativity of people in Moscow with the features of mental development of “Ariadne’s thread”. The best theaters, concert halls and galleries provide a platform for their creativity insane. This year will be played 36 performances and two gala concerts, exhibited 700 paintings, and at the end of a collection of poems and prose of participants of the festival will be released, as well as an album with painting.

12 February 2016

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