“This” Oscar “- some losses!”: An interview with the author of the animated film, nominated for “Oscar” -2016.

Russian nominee for “Oscar” -2016, member of the American kinakademii Constantine Bronzit talks about the myths surrounding the ceremony and did not rule out that one of the victims will be “colored scandal.”
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Source: nationmagazine.ru

- From the fact that the Oscar winner in 2000, Alexander Petrov making his cartoon in Canada, and 2016 nominee Constantine Bronze - in St. Petersburg, you can make duhopodemny conclusion that with animation, we feel better?

- May be. I dont know. In Petrov, incidentally, were two nominations for “Oscar” and to the “Old Man and the Sea.” Also in 1995, from the studio “Pilot” on “Oscar” nominated film by Alexei Kharitidi “Gagarin”. So moments of triumph, we already were. But as a filmmaker, our country to the “Oscar” Sasha Petrov is irrelevant. Imagine if Konchalovsky gave the “Oscar” for “Tango and Cash,” we would shout that this Russian “Oscar”, is it? Wonderful Russian director Pyotr went to Canada and to the Canadian-Japanese money did the movie. And here Russia? Sasha Petrov, like all Russian producers, also applied for state support. But the money he then Russia is not found, and Canada has found, and Sasha went to make a film there. Therefore I did say, “Sasha” Oscar “- it is a shame to our country.” Only these words do not pluck, please, out of context. So we rejoice for Sasha and … for Canada.

Source: nationmagazine.ru
Shot from the m / f “We can not live without space”

- And today’s nominee, your cartoon “We can not live without space,” you have to ask the government for money?

- We live in Russia, where no state support for film will simply cease to exist. Another thing is that a lot of directors, and the money was not enough. My film producers served three years in a row in the grant application, but the money was given only for the fourth time. And if money is not given at all, most likely, I would make the film so far. Because I’m employee of the studio “Mill”, I receive a salary as a director here, but there are many other directors. It makes “Barboskinyh” and “Luntik”. I help, advise. I’m just here the most experienced, and therefore I suffer, I guess. And yes, I have the privilege - sometimes make auteur cinema. On behalf of the studio and the producers applied for. But judging by the fact that it had to do more than once, the status of the studio “Mill” and the reputation of Bronzit not really helped.

- Given that this is not your first nomination for “Oscar” (in 2009 “Oscar” was nominated cartoon Bronzit “Lavatory history - a love story.” - “The Nation”). By the way, your light stories belie the idea that from the Russian in the world are just waiting for some kind of icky, only “Leviathan”.

- This is nonsense of some sort! In the movie, two things are important - the history and the way in which its director says. Art is impossible without empathy. Give the audience a chance to empathize. The “Leviathan”, by the way, there is something to empathize.

- In the cartoons today, more freedom than in the movies?

- Well, my personal freedom is very simple: either I burn the material, and I have the motivation to make a film, or “kin” will not. The rest does not interest me … Or do you ask me about censorship? Then appropriate to recall Rumer Norstein that responds very well to your question. He also worked on the “Soyuzmultfilm” in the Soviet era, when censorship literally peering over his shoulder. But there is a big plus Norstein censorship that the artist had to climb out of their way to make yourself think outside the immediacy, bring their art to the idea of ​​the strongest images of pure metaphor. Censorship can motivate the artist to take note of their much higher average capacity. Get off at the next level, working outside of the real world in which censorship laws operate. Sam Norstein his creativity has shown that this is possible.

- Do you believe that’s the Year of the movie?

- I do not understand what it is to be honest. Is there sound. Well, there was the same sound and Literature Year, so what? Sorry for the banality, the culture of the country’s going to hell. The entrances cocoa and write no less than in Soviet times. I like the idea, which is credited to Academician Likhachev: a cultured person should not litter around. I do not care to throw cigarette butts. And yet - should not litter bad ideas. Because it is a waste, and even what. Maybe so directly Likhachev did not say, but the words of wonderful. I try to remember that every day, and do not litter bad ideas.

- Pro Sound - good. Well, if they say to you: Tsiolkovsky, come to save the Russian animation, the yard Year movie, you concrete steps to intensive care industry offer?

- Of course, I know what to do. Need School animations in which it would be possible to train specialists for all stages of the production of animated films. And it’s not so much the directors and production designers, many animators - techies, good modern “engineers” from the movie. Entertainment - a key element of the animation process, and we do not prepare them anywhere. Cinematography our teaches anything, what you like, “the author’s view,” but there are not trained animators. Therefore, we have to deal with all the features of animation studios than those, that is, to spend their time, effort and money to teach people. No studio does not work in the civilized world, it is easy to buy ready-made professionals. I think the only such school will be able to do something with our industry, the only way things will change. This, of course, huge money. Only the state is under force. Single here can not cope.

- And grumbling that, say, today, artists do not find the terms of some animators, all make the car, not that “Soyuzmulfilme” that you usually respond?

- These conversations by incompetence. Alexander Tatarsky, great and needs no introduction, has made “Plasticine Crow”, “Wings, legs and tails” and a lot more then good teacher all of my generation, so he passionately hated the two myths of Soviet animation: that it was a lot of and that it was all good. This is not true. Tatar said that Prague alone cartoon then produced more than in the Soviet Union. Where is the sense that our time doing a lot of cartoons, but now a little? Well, first of all, then cartoons from the studio will certainly fall on television and were shown there regularly, simply because they are ordered by the state. Secondly, the people themselves who claim that, were the children and literally hunted for cartoons. Today, however, I assure you, the cartoons have produced many times more, but people have grown up and are no longer hunt them. Hence the feeling that the cartoon was less.

- And remember that yourself then watched what awaited?

- I remember. How are Grishkovtsa: you running home in a hurry, turn on the TV, and then - bang, puppet. Nobody liked to stop motion, and I do too. What I was waiting for? I do not know how it happened, but somehow miraculously got on Soviet screens American animated television series “Mighty Mouse”, not to be confused with the “Mickey Mouse”. Mighty Mouse - Mighty Mouse, he found a piece of cheese and became a superhero, this mouse Batman saved his mouse Fellowship mutuzit cats mercilessly. All series were built on this simple technique, but I watched it avidly. And then I rushed to draw these mice, cats, scary furious that it was impossible it seems.

- And today that look?

- Almost nothing. I do not like the movie.

- But as a member of the American Academy you have something to look at? By the way, who is an academician? It sounds very thoroughly, but what’s behind it? That’s how much you such people in Russia?

- Tell lies, maybe on one or two people, if I say that the five of us in Russia. Number of members of the American Academy about six thousand, but basically they are all Americans. The duty of all academics - to vote in various categories for all movies put forward, for the actors, directors and so on. There are endless film premieres, discussions, master classes, but I removed the academician, and all of these wonderful events pass by me. As for the nominees, full-length feature films I have not seen this year, there was no time. And even “Survivor” I have not looked, but last year’s “Birdman” of the same Iñárritu liked me. But I was sent from the academy, when it is time that some of the sent and see. But in general, I try to watch a movie on the recommendations of those people whose evaluation I trust.

- The more valuable your opinion. What, for instance, this year you are not disappointed?

- Do not disappoint, at least, “Youth” Paolo Sorrentino. This movie I recommend. And, of course, as a member of the Academy, I reviewed the whole animation program and all the short fiction film. Because I liked the game Day One, this fellow name will not say anything, as long as it is not in the box or on the Internet. But it is a strong film, a real contender.

In my category, animation, of whom shall I be afraid - Don Herzfeld film “World of Tomorrow” and the film studio Pixar “Sanjay and his team.” I do not like: I’m still afraid of him yesterday, and today I understand that, in principle, everything is clear, and the “Oscar” goes to him. You know what’s going on?

- Are you talking about “colored scandal”? Political correctness will win?

- About him. I think so, I win. Director of the film - an Indian. I think his chances have risen sharply. And this is not some kind of situation, all sincerely do, just slightly “bowed”. Yes, I think, today, many are ready to vote as yet not going to, say, a week ago. This situation can be very important for the Academy to the stage in front of the whole world has gone out Indian. You will be able to say: “That’s the same, you see ?! And you said.” This “color scandal” - a nightmare. People displaced accents themselves attract attention. To communicate with them on an equal footing, and they find an excuse to remind about some inequality. Well, they do not understand? Just a pity the wife of Will Smith (Jada Pinkett Smith urged the public to boycott the “too white”, “Oscar”: in the major categories this year are no African-American -. “Nation”).

- Technically and technologically useless to compete now with the Americans, with the same studio Pixar?

- Of course. But we must reach.

- Then what can fascinate the industry, on which field to compete, how to blow up the market?

- Today the market you do not blow up. No matter you are from Russia or America. Because today, I think we are seeing how the movie ends its existence. Nothing new has not come up, all told a thousand times. The same scheme, the same laws of drama. Therefore, I personally movies have long tired. In literature, more freedom, more opportunities to approach the person. Cinema, of course, is not going anywhere, because people need to show, but it will only grow technologically, some spherical screens, the effect of full presence, and more.

- Your pessimism and animation concerns? With what kind of installation you are working then?

- With me everything is fine. I am well aware what life garbage do. And I have only one setting - less shoot movies and more engaged in their own lives, to which I, in fact, aspire.

- Put an end and to go travel?

- For example, because.

- It is impossible, because they do not let the idea? Where did they come?

- If you knew of a litter. With “restroom story” was so: we stood in the corridors of the studio with my friend Dmitry Vysotsky, and to illustrate some point, he casually said to me: Well, look, Auntie in a public toilet Auditor, the jar from her for the money, I turned away, and in the jar bunch of flowers. How? So much intrigue. It was the stuffing, which he did not attach any importance, and in my head, this situation populated. For a year all this ferment, and then at one point poured out the whole story again. With the film “We can not live without space” everything was completely different. I had a single frame of the film, I woke up, and immediately the whole story developed. Usually this does not happen to me, but then happened. All up in five minutes, but the film I did for four years. Of these three years spent on the search for compositional precision in every movement of the film. This technique purely professional things. Any artist, any director must get used to the fact that makes the film live. It’s not just words, it is a craft technique. It should be checked every second: I believe - I do not believe, and I here, for example, really cry? As a human being it must be true. In Cuaron in “Gravity” is the frame, when the character of Sandra Bullock arrives at the space station, and suddenly assumes the fetal position. “Suddenly” - this keyword. In the director’s Cuaron I catch on that he chased a nice quip at the expense of truth. Well, humanly as possible? In the last seconds of a man with a difficult jumps in the space station, what will he do? Probably, grasping for something, it is hard to breathe, watching wide-eyed. And to relax, wind down and fall embryo in suspended animation - it’s just a beautiful nonsense. In my film has the same frame when astronaut curls in a fetal position inside the suit. I know why my character behaves - he cringed from the anguish and fear, hiding from the world, he wanted to leave him to die, literally - to disappear.

- Now in a new head has something to populate?

- God forbid.

- But somebody may come again in the corridor. And then?..

- This is the correct formulation of the question. Then I’ll be terrified. It would mean that I lose my peace again. Because the idea grabs me and starts to gnaw inside. I hate the phrase “the joy of creativity.”

- There’s something that bothers you in cartoons professionally, that you have included a TV, and a minute clear: Well, no, guys, I’m not going to watch.

- Hmm, straight to the point. I do often enough to see the film one and a half minutes to put the “diagnosis”. When I saw myself, I was scared: it is necessary, I think, what arrogance, a disregard for other people’s work. And then somehow I read Tarkovsky, that sometimes it is enough to see the film a few minutes to understand how talent is removed. And I feel better. But for some nuances I understand it, I do not ask, no recipes, it’s all on the emotional and subtle visual level, that does not explain.

- Can you name five cartoons that will make the child a good man?

- No such cartoons. There are parents. And, of course, the environment in which a person rotates. But most importantly, what family and how involved in his upbringing. I’m one of his teacher, very thin man asked a similar question about the book: “Name three books that are required to read each person.” Not in the books business. Our society, society, our common being acute lack of culture. That’s interesting, I ask you, what a civilized man?

- Oh, so many volumes on the subject. Many versions, I like the one that emphasizes the special relationship of man to morality and ethics. Well, as you know, culture experts say, that the mind of Russian associated with morality, intelligent necessarily a moral for us, but for Europeans, for example, it is not necessary.

- Of course you’re right. Highly moral - it is right, only a very abstract. For me it is, above all, respect for others’ personal space. This is a narrow street. Towards the person goes. And then the question - how much I am willing to make a simple physical work, how big the radius overcome, as the turn around to pass him without hurting his shoulder and without disturbing his personal space. And this situation is mutual. You know, I have long found himself in such a sense: we all have someone in the crowd has ever stepped on the heel. On the other hand, attacked us. So I realized that I feel guilty in both cases. In the first case, I was probably too fast, and the second - too slow. But perhaps it is not a question of culture, and I’m just an idiot.

- Or a person sings badly, and you’re uncomfortable, as if you were doing it.

- Well, of course. Because some things everyday culture develops. Can you on the moral or physical effort for someone or not. On the road, when you’re behind the wheel, it is very noticeable.

- With this clear. And if there is a foreigner who wants to get to know us, our culture, a cartoon show him?

- Then, the first thing that comes to mind is the TV series “Masha and the Bear.” There are many and folklore, and modern Russian. But this choice is a bit of grief, because we have such a cartoon or a movie that somehow fully reflects our lives.

- By the way, how do you explain the phenomenal worldwide success of their colleagues? Professional eye can see why, “Masha and the Bear” as shot?

- This is the right question, because I do not understand the success of this brand. Riddle. Because this success is contrary to all calculations and business plans. The first condition of the series, which everyone knows the movie business - it should be a lot, just a shaft when the number even more important than quality. “Masha and the Bear” a radically contrary to that covenant, because he is almost on one series in six months or a year. No studio in the world can not afford to do the animated series at such a pace, it is elementary burned. He also succeeds. As they do, we must learn from them. Release for so many years, a total of 50 episodes and still be successful!

9 February 2016

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