Now in Italy released a documentary film about the Donbass

Eliseo Bertolaso, an eyewitness, an Italian correspondent, worked on Donbassae, in collaboration with the Italian director Sarah Redzhinelloy, completed work on “The Times of Donbass” film. This documentary, which traces the history of the war in the Donbass region, starting with the coup in Kiev and Odessa tragedy.

The idea for this film was born from the desire to combine multiple videos Eliseo Bertolaso ​​shot in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions into one movie (most of the footage in the film - shooting Eliseo Bertolaso ​​from Maidan and to events in the Donbass in the autumn 2015). The film also includes video footage of the reporter Sergei Ruleva.

The film “Seasons of Donbass” includes conversations and interviews with residents, to know the bitterness of war. They are only a drop in the sea of ​​suffering endured by the population of the region.

The purpose of the film - to show the horrors of war in the Donbass. War, insufficiently illuminated by the Western media.

It contains an interview with a famous writer Nikolai Lilin, with Eliseo Bertolaso, with Fawr Senesi, a cartoonist, and a famous TV presenter.

Directed by Sarah Redzhinella shows the change of seasons and during the life of the people in the Donbass, where, despite the suffering, people continue to live.

5 February 2016

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