Russia without labutenov

Stanislav Smagin of the clip discussed last week

It seems that the song of original musical group under the guidance of Shnurova become short, but still quite visible in the throes of a substitute for centuries sought by the Russian national idea. A rare session of communication on the Internet, a rare status do without citations or references to “exhibit”, the topic of discussion does not matter, it can be recipes for salads, Hegel’s philosophy or threatening ultimatum Bozena Rynska Mikhail Khodorkovsky, demanding not rukopozhimatsya in London with padded jacket and bloody gebni. When meeting people ask each other, “Pro LaBute watched?” immediately after the greetings, and sometimes even before. Friday night, an Irish pub on the screen dashing gypsy play Afro-Asiatic Slavs of Gogol Bordello, but the company has turned her into a tablet for the 1589 th viewer already memorized clip dropping his ear to the screen itself to a tavern hype not miss refrain. Returns after a pub back home late at night, at the crossroads waiting for a couple of guys and girls the green light of nineteen or twenty. Heard a piece of cheerful conversation: “… And here it is, in short, Nastyuha takes something in style on LABUTENAAAAH”.

About “labutenah” talk, argue, quarrel. Oh, that cord is not only singing and got up in her career, but such a discussion and a rich potential for treatments of the product has not been until now. Some in this brilliant work of social criticism managed to see almost Russophobia, which personally I usually sensitive to any hints of pain this bad phenomenon not observed in any way. And who “exhibits” Russian or Russian, against whom fobstvuyut? Eccentric and obsessive purpose zahomutat gentleman girl who even survived the blockade grandmother revoked without due respect, because my grandmother survived, but so what miserable granddaughter, barely squeezed into jeans? But, you know, the truth here is, to some extent, this is indeed a symbol of Russia, which is - a little later.

First other. So annoying us “double standards” of the West really are a logical expression of the entire Western - above all Anglo-Saxon - psychology and culture, where the simultaneous presence of a person has two or more persons or the quantities or the existence of several exchangeable for masks situation - the situation is quite natural . “Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” in bringing to an extreme form, but that about it. Many known principally anonymous LiveJournal blogger Bogemik, it is a favorite with our Westerners, despite the fact that basically scatter the arrogant platitudes, and often similar to other LJ guru Dmitry Galkovskii to indistinguishability. Bogemik Mr once breathlessly described the Venice Carnival (and Venice direct predecessor and teacher of England and the United States in terms of geopolitics and geo-economics, politics, philosophy and art of intrigue) as the essence and character of the entire Western: “Imagine that a company of eight people gathered for carnival of Venice. not a modern-oriented tourists, as in the original, which took place at a time when the inhabitants of the finest of the cities did not leave any weapons or masks. Seven came dressed who Puss who Columbine who Doctor of the Plague. Eighth He appeared in shirt and said, stroking his beard: “What are you dressed up? I do not wear a mask of rotten, I svetly face. ”
As these seven will look at eight? At best, they just kicked kicked him out of their society. At worst - the poor fellow plunged a stiletto under the shoulder blade, and threw him into the canal. Anyway, no one will allow svetlolikomu to spoil people a holiday. ”

And the Western mass culture, again, primarily the US, have long made almost a key theme of his sincerity and the need to remain in any situation themselves. The guy tried to show a girl smarter / more beautiful / richer job seekers seeking to throw dust into the eyes of the employer, a resident of the metropolis, trying to hide from relatives from the provinces, what he does in reality. As a result, all attempts to cheat and slukavit suffer miserably, and the success and success come when the hero … well, becomes himself. At the end of the need for openness and sincerity, just in case he blurts plain text and several times again. For all that Western politicians and everyday life do not become honest and sincere, on the contrary, the diversity of hypocrisy and thence acquire all the new sophisticated forms. But “a monopoly on” and dense smokescreen suggest exactly the opposite.

In Russia, the sincerity and the desire to turn out that the, that someone else’s soul to the bottoms have always been the very essence of culture and everyday life, one of which is Dostoevsky. In traditional Western culture shuffle masks and disguises approved, or at least served as a given, we have people, fully opening oneself to others and also themselves, rebirth and appears either solid or controversial, but still single, neraskolotym. “I am the one who is” all in the Bible. By the way, the difference is our attitude towards the west and the diversity seen in how we relate to one of the key issues of Christianity - about the nature of the Trinity. West originally sought Trinity hierarchic, enter a kind of strict regulation faces. The first bell was Arius, Jesus preached of creation, and therefore, it nonequivalence God. The culmination was the same argument about the filioque that split Christianity in Orthodoxy and Catholicism. Western mind with his worn set of strictly defined reasons masks, absolutely incomprehensible, as the masks and their functions can be mixed and set in a chaotic manner. There is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in the order in which they are located, evaluated and seniority. If the older son of the rank of the Holy Spirit, then the Holy Spirit must also proceed from the Son. What a strange slave who led the company is subject, and the chief of his department - no …

The theme of openness and the need to heal the soul of the individual splits we had developed such a diverse and brilliant, that just prior to the problem of masks, as a rule, the case never came, everything was decided on the approaches to it. Figuratively speaking, discussed doors fortress powder magazine, rather than the safety rules and the ban on smoking inside. The most famous fancy-samozvancheskom work, “Inspector” and the Khlestakov impersonation against their will, the mask he almost forced to get into the frightened and mired in vice provincial society.

In Soviet times, the theme of a different sort pokazushnichestva and guile to become self due to various social causes already considered directly. If contemporary Western mass culture hypocritical conspicuous consumer usually good, just chose the wrong tactics people in the USSR it drew very impartially, even the final regeneration does not happen very often at all, they say, finished type.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, we, together with Soviet culture have lost the skills and expose pokazushnichestva cynical social change masks as a phenomenon, but also to the classical traditions preparation prerequisites for this phenomenon is not returned. As a result, the problem is ripe and overripe. “Exhibit” seems to give us both an example and incentive tools, allowing to revive this important aspect of Russian culture, though not certain, that the cord and Co dug so deeply.

Oh yeah, I forgot, I promised to tell you why eccentric, but quite a cute girl, disfiguring themselves for the sake of dubious in terms of beauty and success of correspondence acquaintance, a little like Russian. We, too, a quarter of a century ago by the will of our leaders and political thinkers who saw the West through the TV screen or through the prism windows sausages during brief trips abroad, have decided to get into tight pants liberal capitalism and embark on a cumbersome LaBute individualism, tolerance, consumerism and postmodernism. The result of these efforts can be brought to the American economist Jeffrey Sachs, in the ’90s oversaw our “young reformers”: “We have opened the patient’s body and found that he has a different anatomy.” Too we have broad, um, a bone for your pants, even “Nautilus” noticed. We really like something without labutenov, symbolic and real, but with the Crimea.

4 February 2016

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