Ryan Reynolds called the Russians the coolest people on the planet

Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds, who played Deadpool in the film, said the Russians the coolest people on the planet. He told this at a press conference in Moscow, where he arrived for the presentation of his paintings, RIA Novosti reported.

The actor admitted that he loves Russia. Moscow, according to Reynolds, he liked. He also expressed his desire to visit St. Petersburg.

Reynolds added that he was surprised to learn how many fans of his character lives in Moscow. “If Deadpool was Russian, he would have occupied the night clubs of Moscow and brought here to rustle, but I think that it will soon be asked to leave your country,” - he joked at a meeting with journalists.

January 22 the actor offered fans whip vodka for his visit to Moscow by announcing it in his Twitter.

“Deadpool” will be released in a Russian hire 11 February. The tape tells the story of the origin of the hero Wade Wilson, who took the pseudonym Deadpool. Above the former riot policemen conducted a military experiment, giving him the ability to regenerate, but disfigured face. The same experiment was subjected to another character comics - Wolverine. Deadpool begins the hunt for the man who destroyed his life.

In China, now banned because of the abundance of violent scenes as well as scenes in which characters appear naked. In Russia, the film received an age limit “18 plus” in the United States - the rating R (persons under 17 years old must be accompanied by parents).

39-year-old Reynolds is known for his roles in the films “Van Wilder,” “Just Friends,” “Definitely, Maybe,” “The Proposal,” “X-Men: Origins. Wolverine” and the television series “Two guys, a girl and a pizzeria.”

25 January 2016

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