About Eros and Thanatos Russian life, about love and about the stupidity, about the yearning of a young body, about incest and nonsensical talk about saving the Motherland

Prince Andrew Prince Andrew goes with such a person, if he had a frog in his mouth, and it is possible that a living. Anatole Kuragin similar to Beavis and Butthead - right on both. Pierre on the way to the Rostovs feels the pigs. Natasha did not run away with Kutuzov did not because other men in the novel has ended, and they just do not have time to field marshal yet to meet.

Of course, all this is completely outrageous. Therein lies the main problem of the British adaptation of “War and Peace”, to “Bi-bi-si” understood everything correctly: Tolstoy is just about people like writing.

With this novel at all interesting: his heroes in Russia adopted treated like family - pleasant enough, but others have not - and because they worry about, even if you do not communicate.

Nobody, of course, in their right mind recognized that in adolescence through all four volumes have been only three Moscow Lyceum, one of St. Petersburg, and, perhaps, on the outskirts of the university in Tartu (and then in doubt), and all the other came from Tolstoy about Austerlitz, meticulously looked around troops there and get stuck in the bushes around forever.

James Norton, who played in the series of Prince Andrew and not weighed down by the trauma of the Soviet school, told the truth before casting pass, he was able to overpower a dozen in the first pages of the novel. And that he was lucky: he wrote would be under the supervision of the teacher stuffy essay about a club of people’s war, not be dragged himself up to the fifth.

At the same time everything exactly know how to Natasha - brunette and the ugly duckling, the little princess darken lovely mustache, the young Pierre impossible without the extra weight and age, and Helen with their shoulders at all to be the wife of the director. Well dresses and furniture, and cups were different, and kissed the handle is not, it is clear - they are there for their “Bi-bi-si” to understand. Oh, we know, too, that we all told our secular aristocratic ancestors - all straight from the salon of Anna Pavlovna Scherer, not settled in facebook, no, no, descendants of Plato Karataeva.

But most importantly, that of war and peace should be dull museum: Leo Tolstoy - a grim old man who lives in the portrait. His beard wandering not people of flesh and ghosts: throwing the spiritual path of Andrei Bolkonsky and Pierre Bezukhov ideological quest; critical image of high society here is walking, the role and functions of the Russian landscape gone, and the image of Natasha as a moral ideal of the author forgot to wander, think about people’s family and the thought will not even speak.

And then the British screenwriter Andrew Davies, directed by Tom Harper and generally the whole of the British team, devoid of all that pride and prejudice, suddenly unable to penetrate the sense of living a truly great novel, very Russian, and in fact - very Tolstoyan.

Tell a story about passion and about nonsense, about the ancient yearning of a young body and cabin absurd talk about the salvation of Russia, indistinguishable from today’s battles feysbuchnyh a level of discussion.

About the fact that when his first battle to the young Nicholas Rostov trustingly asks Denisov, what it looks like, that meets both excited and sad: this is the first time a woman - can be great, and maybe awful.

About what, why, and Prince Andrew and Kuragin and Bezukhov, and Denisov, and any at all a man of Russian-speaking culture again and again carried away twittering Natasha, with her hysterical, canary brains propensity fully immersed in the one who chose it, and unerring flair for good and evil, which she would never be able to explain in words.

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About eternal Eros and Thanatos Russian life, about a powerful attraction to the life and terrible attraction to death - and about why the first in spite of everything still has to win.

As for the questionable relationships Helen and Anatole Kuragin - so after “Game of Thrones” no scenes of incest decent series is not worth starting.

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23 January 2016

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