“The Communists of Russia” offered to send bourgeois DiCaprio link

“The Communists of Russia” dramatically and negatively respond to the desire of Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio to play in the movie world proletariat leader Vladimir Lenin. This “Rosbalt” said the first secretary of the Party Committee Sergei Malinkovich.

“He has no idea of ​​Lenin’s life, he leads the life of a bourgeois. In protest, we tore a portrait of him, decided to forward to the” thumbnail “letter - after the studio announced that it is ready to provide the actor props. We demand that the” thumbnail “this is not I made. If you give props, we will deploy a serious protest! ” - Promised the Communist.

At the same time the party is ready to accept DiCaprio in the role of Lenin, if the figure of the cinema, which has Russian roots, to meet several conditions. Firstly, the actor must rename it belongs Blekador island near the coast of Key Central American state of Belize in Ulyanovsk and open a museum of the October Revolution. The second requirement of “Communist Russia” - the actor need to live at least six months in the village of Shushenskoye Krasnoyarsk, where Lenin left for a three-year exile, and also consult with representatives of the communist doctrine of the forthcoming filming. “He wants to earn money to Lenin - not give, do not allow it! Let the play begin gradually, with the role of the revolutionary sailors,” - suggested Malinkovich.
Tapes with DiCaprio who have shown interest in the roles of Lenin, Rasputin and the current president of Russia Vladimir Putin is ready to lift the Petersburg studio “Lenfilm”. Become a movie director would like the director, the deputy chairman of the Duma Committee for Culture, Vladimir Bortko, who directed such films as “Heart of a Dog,” “The Circus Burned Down and the Clowns Ran Away” and “Blonde Around the Corner.”

Earlier, in January, an American actor, telling the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag about the creative plans, he complained that now produces little world cinema films about Russian history. Such tapes, according to the artist, to be created anymore.

January 14 DiCaprio was nominated for the fifth time the award “Oscar” in the category “Best Actor” for his role in “Survivor.” Previously, he was nominated for the Film Award for the painting “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape,” “The Aviator,” “Blood Diamond” and “The Wolf of Wall Street” (”Best Actor” and “Best Producer”), but the cherished statuette never received .

“The Communists of Russia”, despite the general with the Communist Party ideology, were created as an alternative to this political organization. They criticize the Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov, considering that the Communist Party headed by him will not be able to regain power. Zyuganov himself spoke about the “Communist Russia” as follows: “There’s nothing communist, there is the same pederastic”.

21 January 2016

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