Russian cartoon “We can not live without space” was nominated for “Oscar”

Picture “We can not live without space,” Russian director Konstantin Bronzit was nominated for the award “Oscar” in the category of “Best Animated Short Film.” Participants Home Film Award was named on January 14 in Los Angeles. A full list is published on the official website of the “Oscar”. Winners will be announced Feb. 28.

Along with the cartoon Bronzit for the “Oscar” in this nomination will compete “Bear Story” (USA), “Prologue” (Canada / UK), “Sanjay superkomanda” (USA) and “World of Tomorrow” (USA).

15-minute film tells the story of two Bronzit friends who since childhood dream to become astronauts and fly to the stars. The film won an award at the international festival in Annecy (France), as well as Russian parades.

In the piggy bank animator already has the prize “Cesar”, “Nike” and “Golden Eagle” for other work. He also took cartoon “Alyosha Popovich and Tugarin Snake”, which won popularity among the Russian audience.

14 January 2016

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• Russian cartoon "We can not live without space" recognized as the best in the international animation festival »»»
Short film by Russian director Konstantin Bronzit "We can not live without space" became the winner of the largest in Europe, the International Animation Festival.
• In the semifinal of the Oscars went film from Kazakhstan »»»
Members of the Academy Awards have selected nine paintings, which will continue to fight for an Oscar in the category “Best Foreign Film.
• Bondarchuk's film "Stalingrad" dropped out of the Oscar race »»»
American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and released a short list of films in a foreign language submitted to a further vote of academics for the award "Oscar".
• "There was a dog," as the best Russian cartoon »»»
In Suzdal ended Outdoor festival of animated films. At this time, Russia’s only professional animation film festival timed to the 100th anniversary of Russian animation.
• The Japanese removed the cartoon about Cheburashka »»»
Japan lifted its own cartoon about a strange creature with large ears, which is friendly with a crocodile.