Ieromonah monastery in Borovsk Photios brilliantly won the final of the show “The Voice”: 76% of the vote

In the finals, except priesthood Photios, went Mikhail Ozerov comes from Ozersk (his mentor - Alexander Gradsky), a native of Ukraine Olga Zadonskaya (its “commander” was Polina Gagarina) and student Gnesinka Era Cannes Basta from the team.

However, Grigory Leps Photios performed his song “Labyrinth” with the words “In you I wander, as if in a maze”, then the composition “Per te” Josh Groban in Italian.

After this monk sang the song “Good night, gentlemen” from the repertoire Leps.

Mikhail Ozerov with Alexander Gradsky “lit” the song “We Were Young” and a solo Ozerov performed “Unchained melody”.

The era of Cannes was the fourth among the finalists. Olga Zadonskaya - third.

And so Photios and Michael were left alone. Grigory Leps told his “pupil”: “It is rather strange to be your mentor. Forgive me, Lord.” Alexander Gradsky praised human qualities finalists - one professional skills, he believes, the scene is not enough. Separately Gradskij ieromonahu thanked for the fact that he found the strength to come to the project - and thus may have committed one of the most important actions of his life.
Basta called the presence of the monk on the show “syurom” … and conveyed greetings native Rostov. Polina Gagarina, as usual, sent to all the rays of love.

Viewers have made the choice for Photios voted 76% for Michael - 24%.

He saw for themselves two scenarios. The priest spoke of his fears - he had suspicions that the voting in the final could turn against him. But at the same time, of course, the same had hoped to win and did not even rule out the possibility of his visit to the “Eurovision”.

Photios also told how to behave in case of victory (as we know, usually the winners of “The Voice” signed commitments to participate in the concerts). According to the priesthood, he did not intend to become a showman, and enter the image of the star, but by the tour concerts will not give up.

The performances of the priest, as it turned out, overseen by the Patriarch - still, like in the history of the Russian Orthodox Church has not yet happened.

26 December 2015

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