The head of the Duma Committee for International Affairs said that “the Islamic coalition” led by Saudi Arabia, is designed to increase the weight of Riyadh, and not to deal with LIH

“I believe that this coalition is created to increase the weight of Saudi Arabia in resolving the Syrian crisis. Until now, the main players are the United States, representing the interests of the Western alliance, Turkey is playing its own game and does not want to seriously participate in any coalition, she own task - to maximize its influence in the region, including drawing on the IG, Russia, Iran, “- said Alexei Pushkov, at a press conference.

Now, according to the MP, “Saudi Arabia is approved already as not just a source of financial support for the armed opposition (Syrian President Bashar) Assad, and as the political and diplomatic player because her formal stand 34 states of the Muslim world.”

“I think that for the sake of it and build coalitions, and not for the fight against the IG,” - he said.

Saudi Arabia December 15 announced the establishment of an Islamic coalition “to fight terrorism militarily and ideologically,” which, in addition to the kingdom, entered another 33 states, more than 10 Islamic countries were in favor of the merger.

23 December 2015

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