A fan of “Star Wars” in the United States scored a man to death for the spoiler

In Massachusetts, 35-year-old Augie Henning, who calls himself Lord of the Sith, until the death of Jonathon scored Hemmilya for what the cinema opened in the new part of the story lines of “Star Wars“, media reported.

According to the publication on 17 December Hemmil came out of the cinema, he began to shout spoilers regards just watched them tape “Awakening forces”, including voicing important enough intrigue, writes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” referring to the publication of Huffington Post, which accompanied the text subtitle “Reported the first case of death from this lightsaber.”

Is located in the lobby and wait until the next session Henning was enraged, pounced on him and saying, “You do not know what to do? You’re my life just ruined!” He began to beat the victim until she stopped moving.

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22 December 2015

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