Deputy ban in France of the film about the Crimea: “And these people forbid us to pick your nose!”

Vice-Speaker of the State Duma, Andrei Isayev, in the figurative expression contrasted readiness for dialogue with opponents of the Russian president during a press conference and a ban in France show the film “Crimea. The path to the homeland.”

Speaking from the rostrum of the State Duma on Friday politician reminded that the Russian leader did not avoid sensitive issues, as a matter of priority giving the floor to his opponents - journalists from Turkey and Ukraine, representatives of the opposition media.

“How not to recall that just in those same days in democratic France actually banned screening of the film” Crimea. The path to the homeland “. Thus deprived of French citizens the possibility to get acquainted with a different point of view on the issue of joining of Crimea to Russia, a point of view different from the position of the current mainstream French media,” - said Isayev.

“I remember the old children’s anecdote:” And these people forbid us to pick your nose! “, - He stated.

18 December 2015

Russians have become less trusted television news: 2009 - 79% November 2015 - 41%. For 85% of Russian TV still - the main source of news
One of the series “Masha and the Bear” scored more than one billion views

• Slovak TV fined for lighting unilateral annexation of Crimea »»»
Slovak committee to oversee television and radio broadcasting fined Slovak
• In Ukraine banned the screening of the film "Brother-2" »»»
The State Agency of Ukraine for the movie refused to issue certificates rolling Russian film "Brother 2".
• Premiere of "Crimea American eyes" on RTD »»»
Today, September 12, RTD on Channel will premiere the documentary "American Crimea eyes.
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"What can we say about the recent attempts to plunder the Russian assets abroad".
• Govoruhin proposed to limit the display of American films in the Russian Federation. Co-chairman of the Central Headquarters of the ONF called for an increase in the proportion of European, Korean and Iranian cinema in the Russian box »»»
"I think it would be good to limit the Hollywood movie on Russian screens.