Russians have become less trusted television news: 2009 - 79% November 2015 - 41%. For 85% of Russian TV still - the main source of news

For 85% of Russians blue screen is still the main source of information about events in the country and in the world. This figure is almost independent of the type of settlement, in rural areas it reaches 87 percent, while in Moscow the information from the TV draw 84 percent of respondents.

The presence or absence of higher education also have a significant influence on the choice of Russians: 83 percent of respondents with higher education is considered the main source of news television programs.

Learn the news from the Internet prefers to 21 percent. Over the past two years, this figure has not changed. At the same time, almost a quarter of Russians as a source of news called friends, relatives and neighbors.

The survey was conducted 20 - 23 November 2015 on a representative nationwide sample of urban and rural population of 1,600 people aged 18 years and older in 137 settlements of 48 regions of the country. Research carried out at home by the respondent by personal interview. Distribution of answers given as a percentage of the total number of respondents, together with data from previous surveys. The margin of error data from these studies does not exceed 3.4%

16 December 2015

LDPR leader requires the return of the forbidden author’s program “Besogon” in the broadcasting network VGTRK, calling the speaker “Match TV” traitor to the Russian world
Deputy ban in France of the film about the Crimea: “And these people forbid us to pick your nose!”

• Nyushanter, vzdrogni: about 70 percent of Russians believe the central television truthful »»»
Among the most trusted sources of information from the Russians enjoyed a central television.
• Pursuit of the news has replaced film and entertainment: loud show-and movie premieres have not helped federal channels to increase ratings »»»
The statistics of the first month of the new TV season has shown - federal channels opened season 2014/15 with significant losses with respect to the rating in the previous year.
• RT scored a record for the news channels 3 billion views on YouTube »»»
The total number of video views on YouTube RT exceeded 3 billion, while accounts on television have already signed more than 3 million people.
• January 25, RIA "Novosti" press conference "Results of state of Russian cinema in 2011" »»»
As a result of 2011 national picture failed to protect their share of the total box office, which proved to be even half a percentage point higher than last year, and reached the mark of 16%.
• Network of digital television launched in the Khabarovsk Krai »»»
In Khabarovsk running a network of digital repeaters to ensure the digital broadcasting to the entire region.