LDPR leader requires the return of the forbidden author’s program “Besogon” in the broadcasting network VGTRK, calling the speaker “Match TV” traitor to the Russian world

The conflict between the People’s Artist of the RSFSR film director Nikita Mikhalkov and edited channel “Match TV” is gaining momentum. Filmmakers sure that the latest release of its authoring program “Besogon” was not allowed on the air, because in it he criticized the scandalous record commentator “Match TV” Alexei Andronov, he left in his “tweet”. On defense rose Mikhalkov LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who demanded the return of the program in broadcasting network, and the commentator to prosecute.

This, recall, goes on record in which Andronov explains why on the TV channel “Match TV” is not lit held a forum “Russian world”.

- All shvonderovschina, filth, vermin, lovers of New Russia, Russian and other world clochard cleaned away - said in a statement.

According to Zhirinovsky, a commentator saying “pull” on the criminal case.

- I would have arrested him, this Alexei Andronov. He should be arrested and prosecuted for 20 years to roll. This is a direct insult to all Russian. He’s a scoundrel, bastard, bastard. We will make it to remove all channels, and is sure to be a criminal case, - the politician said. - It is necessary to return a pass “Besogon” broadcast, apologize Mikhalkov, punish and expel Andronov head of the TV channel “Match TV” Tina Kandelaki.

15 December 2015

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The richest woman in Russia, President Inteko Elena Baturin, intends to file a lawsuit claims the protection of honor.
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In Moscow the monthly fee can range from 18 rubles, and in places far from the capital - about three rubles.
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Inaccessible to the Russians may be such well-known TV channels, such as, BBC World News and National Geographic.
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According to the head of the National Council of Ukraine on television Yuri Artemenko recently in the National Council addressed several Ukrainian channels erotic direction.
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Office for Combating Economic Crimes (UBEP) Moscow police launched a criminal case for fraud on the viewers TV Show one channel.