RT scored a record for the news channels 3 billion views on YouTube

The total number of video views on YouTube RT exceeded 3 billion, while accounts on television have already signed more than 3 million people. According to these indicators RT retained unconditional leader among news channels in the world.

By the number of hits on all language accounts to YouTube channel RT more than 2 times ahead of CNN, more than 3 times - Euronews and more than 10 times - BBC.

“The success of the TV channel RT on YouTube clearly shows that users appreciate a legal, high-quality, professional and taking into account the peculiarities of the Internet audience content,” - said General Director of Google Russia Yulia Solovyova in 2013, when account RT International was the first news channels in History scored a billion views on YouTube. “This is an amazing achievement. We are very proud and very pleased that the RT came to such a figure. A billion views - a milestone to which many aspire. To establish the connection with the audience and attract the audience so that they will come back to you again and again, as a result of the rating score a billion views - a remarkable achievement, “- said while Google’s vice president of content Robert Kinsley.

“The figures speak for themselves. The three billion views on YouTube - an absolute record that does not beat any other news channel in the world. For several years, RT remains the world leader in information content, which is in great demand among the audience of millions, tired of Western mainstream - the head of the Internet edition of RT Cyril Karnovich-Valois. - We are constantly interacting with our audience, studying their moods and interests, the content of the existing and new online projects RT was the most relevant for them. ”

In 2007, RT was the first Russian television channels started to post their material on YouTube. In 2011, RT video was recognized as the most viewed news video on YouTube. In 2013, RT video was also the most popular news videos on YouTube.

3 December 2015

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