Moscow deputy demanded to check the “Internship” on gay propaganda

The deputy of the Moscow municipal district Yakimanka faction “Fair Russia” Dmitry Zakharov need to check two episodes of the series[/[t:tag slug=seriya]series “Interns” on gay propaganda. The statement he sent to Roskomnadzor, and the text of the letter published in his Twitter.

The statement drew attention Zakharov inspectors from the last two series, the fourth of the season - 69 th (249 th) and 71 th (251 th). According to him, they argued that “healthy rejection of gay marriage is homophobia and something wrong” and “adoption of children by homosexuals - that’s fine.” The MP believes that the content of a series of contrary to Russian law.

Zakharov also emphasizes that in these two episodes, one of the heroes - Phil Richards, defending gay marriage - is depicted positively. “The other series, where there is a character Phil Richards, no complaints, since they exhibit homosexuality in the right light - as a deviation and an occasion for jokes, and popliteus,” - says the MP. It is necessary to remove the specified series of the air and make warning to the TNT channel, which broadcasts “Internship”.

12 October 2015

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