The claim of “life-long” lock RuTracker be filed Oct. 12,

Rights holders, members of the National Federation of the music industry (NFMI), planned to file a lawsuit about the “lifetime” blocking torrent tracker October 12. About this newspaper “Izvestia” said the head of Leonid NFMI Agronov.

Members are NFMI Sony Music, Universal Music, Warner Music, EMI, Gala Records and Navigator Records. According Agronova, the lawsuit will be filed by one of the companies belonging to the federation.

Decision on the application to the court was preceded by an attempt to initiate negotiations with the administration RuTracker, told “Izvestia” Roskomnadzor spokesman Vadim Ampelonsky.

“Unfortunately, the owners of the resource have not shown any active interest in this kind of negotiation or to meet the requirements of right holders. Therefore, it is logical and natural that the rights holders believe RuTracker’om the declared willingness to cooperate no more than cunning. It is obvious that the situation is moving in the judicial plane “, - he said. Head of Press Service of Roskomnadzor added that the resources are “efforts to reach an amicable agreement with the rights holders.”

Chapter NFMI Leonid Agronov confirmed that the regulator proposed federation to conduct negotiations with the administration of the site. “We agree - it is always better to negotiate than to litigate. But, unfortunately, and Roskomnadzor efforts were not successful. The site does not consider it necessary to interact even Roskomnadzor,” - he said.

Representatives RuTracker previously told “Izvestia” on readiness to provide holders a special account through which they will be able to remove links to illegal distribution. “Of course, we are ready for talks, but it is unclear what we can agree. If we receive from holders links to the data that violate their rights, and so we remove them during the day. If the links are many - we give the right holder special account “, - he explained.

In late September, it became known that the Moscow City Court NFMI filed a claim for “a lifetime” blocked site “just a player” ( This event will be the first in Russia, where the court will consider the claim of continuing blockage site. The possibility of filing a claim against RuTracker reported at the end of September.
Extended version of the anti-piracy law came into force on 1 May 2015. The law extended to literary works, music, movies, TV shows and software (all kinds of content, except for the photo). In addition, the court may order the “lifetime” of the resource is locked, if the same right holder has twice won the lawsuits against him.

9 October 2015

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