On the Ukrainian TV: Poroshenko and Obama have called Live

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and his US counterpart Barack Obama insulted on the Ukrainian television channel News One. The incident occurred during the transfer of the “Echo of Ukraine.”

Host Matthew Ganapolsky asked viewers to answer the question, what they think about the operations of Russia in Syria. The first dialer telezritelnitsa expressed very eloquently.

“Against the background of Putin Poroshenko and Obama, excuse me, two big pieces of shit”, - said the woman, quite shocking lead.

“To you and I quarreled, and your phone has not been blacklisted, which we have. And if you want us to continue to cooperate with you, let’s agree: without offense. Because I am in this Transfer to insult the president or America or Ukraine will not allow, “- responded Ganapolsky.

“This is a statement,” - added telezritelnitsa and end the call.

8 October 2015

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