Broadcaster BBC plans to create a Russian version of its World Service (fatal crisis of confidence)

With BBC plans to create a Russian version of its World Service to compete with Russian TV channel RT. But the problem for the Western media - not that they put a little money into their work, says columnist for Global Research. They are sorely lacking confidence - and this “currency” to buy, just tell the truth.

BBC plans to open a Russian version of its World Service. This must be alleged in order to create a counterweight to a well-funded “propaganda” that runs on the Russian TV channel RT. Here is what the article says “BBC Putin put in place: the World Service wants to create a channel in Russian,” published in the British Independent:

“BBC proposes to establish in the framework of the World new information satellite channel in Russian, designed to challenge the Kremlin TV station Russia Today, found guilty of violating the requirement of impartial coverage of events.
World Service proposes to extend broadcasting in Russia, North Korea, the Middle East and other countries and regions, where state television and radio do not give the audience the possibility to get information from unbiased and independent sources. ”
Problem BBC, however, lies in the fact that its budget and so exceeds the budget RT, and the experience of half a century more. That is, it is not in the lack of funding and lack of trust, and it can not be bought for any money from Wall Street or London.

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16 September 2015

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