Pranker Lexus mocked Ukrainian journalists live

Pranker Lexus Live spoke with reporters Ukrainian television Espresso. TV. Reporters call people’s deputy Anton Gerashchenko for comment, but hit the joker from Russia, who introduced adviser Interior Minister.

False Gerashchenko immediately moved to a loud statement: pranker said on the air that he has dirt on the leader of the nationalist party “Freedom” Oleg Tyagnibok. Moreover, the available material will attract criminal responsibility policy. Lexus has promised that soon will be published on the page Gerashchenko in the “Facebook”.

Then he pranker shared with the audience Ukrainian TV channel that in the Luhansk region APU soldiers detained a group of saboteurs GRU. Russian intelligence allegedly surrendered themselves and already give a confession. Neither lead nor the audience did not suspect that their “divorce” in the live Russian pranker.

Due to the calm reaction to strong statements from the public Lexus has decided to effectively end the telephone conversation with the leader.

- I need to go now to the office, taking bribes. I’ve got is a big bag of money US Ambassador waiting for me in the office - is no longer hiding laughter pranker she said and hung up.

Stunned “recognition” of a leading even thanked false Gerashchenko for the interview. But after some time, Ukrainian journalists have realized that they have become a victim of the draw.

Alex “Lexus” - the famous Russian pranker, “divorce” Ukrainian and world politics during the negotiations on Skype and by phone, with the result of their risky and scandalous revelations. So, he “threw” the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, disguised under the leadership of Paul DNI Gubarev.

In a conversation with Igor Kolomoisky Lexus actively consume alcohol, admitted in his respect for the NPT, had caught the battalion commander and the mayor of Lviv Semenchenko homosexuality and even revealed details of the crash to “Boeing” over the Donbas.

Recently, Lexus was able to fool the former warlord period of the wars in Chechnya Akhmed Zakayev, who introduced him to former battalion commander “Donbass” Semyon Semenchenko.

10 September 2015

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