Film producer Oleg Teterin proposed budget cinema chain from freight containers

Film producer Oleg Teterin has prepared a draft budget of modular theater, which can be collected from cargo containers. Such cheap theaters, according Teterin, set in the cities where there are no conventional cinemas.

One of such cinema hall will consist of two twin containers, its total area is thus 60 square meters. m, says the newspaper “Izvestia”. Instead of seating will be installed footstools.
Teterin said that this project meets the recommendation of the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev do cinemafication Russia. However, the network will help disseminate the domestic film production.

9 September 2015

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• The largest film distribution network made a desperate attempt to convince the Russian authorities to abandon the introduction of VAT on foreign cinema »»»
They appealed to President Vladimir Putin to intervene. The introduction of the tax will not only lead to the mass closure of cinemas and exit of the big players.
• Russian audiences are less likely to face domestic films in cinemas. Russian box office films are steadily declining »»»
The level of interest to the domestic Russian audience movie in March was the lowest in the last five years.
• Premier room "- the top five leaders of Russia kinosetey »»»
The network of cinemas (the cinema) Premier Room “was able to find on the market cinema Ekaterinburg unique niche that allows it to withstand the attack of federal networks - monozalnye site in sleeping areas, management of regional repertoire to / t.
• "Stalingrad" in the United States released in IMAX »»»
Fyodor Bondarchuk's film "Stalingrad" will be released in U.S. theaters in format IMAX 3D.
• Most successful in the Russian hire has become a comedy "Our Russia: Egg of Destiny" »»»
“Eggs,” not only beat back the production budget of 119.8 million rubles.