Lifenews television crew was not allowed to Moldova

Crew of the Russian TV channel[[t:tag slug=kanal]channel Lifenews detained at the airport in Chisinau because of the lack of accreditation, journalists barred from entering the country, RIA Novosti chief editor Anatoly channel Suleymanov.

“Our crew has passed customs control at the Chisinau airport, and then to tape (baggage), they were asked to submit items for inspection. They announced that they were denied entry into the Republic of Moldova for the reason that they have no accreditation,” - said Suleymanov.

According to him, reporters were given a document banning the entry and was told that they would receive the passport on his return to Moscow from the representative of the airline. Currently, the journalists expect the return flight to Russia, which will be only in the evening.

Glavred channel reported that the journalists seized the stick on which is written “piece of the reportage.” He, according to representatives of the Moldovan customs authorities, “threatens the security of Moldova.”
Suleymanov said that the customs authorities “have learned that one of the journalists were banned entry to Ukraine”, which, in his opinion, could be the basis of the ban on entry into Moldova.

Glavred said that the journalists did not have accreditation in Moldova, since this many Russian journalists in recent years have problems, and added that “formally they (Customs Moldova) right.”

7 September 2015

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