The film “Hackers” twenty years

In 1995, screens out fundamental film “Hackers”. He who became the first in the history of film about hackers and nascent cyberpunk culture. By the twentieth anniversary of the iconic picture released Blu-ray disc with the documentary materials. Perhaps soon it will be freely available.

It is unlikely that the British director Iain Softley (Iain Softley) could have imagined in 1995 that his new job will ever be the cult. It was a picture on a little niche audience clear theme. Actually, it was the second film directed by novice in his professional career. By the way, for the 20-year-old starlet Angelina Jolie, it was the second film in his career, except for the painting “Seeking a way out,” where she starred in the age of seven. She too, no one knew at the talent of the young actress has been viewed as an impressive external data.

Twenty years ago, few people had the idea that it represents all of the Internet. Home computer was perceived as strange and very expensive luxury item. But already formed powerful hacker subculture, which until some time hiding in the shadows and “light” for the general public. The film “Hackers” became their first declaration.

Now the film seems outdated, but it is much ahead of his time. In 1995, he took the criticism badly, and the mass audience does not understand what it was about.

The film begins in 1988 in Seattle. Parents of 11-year-old computer genius named Dade Murphy was fined $ 45,000 for the fact that he created the virus that caused panic on the New York Stock Exchange. Boy seven years forbidden to use a computer and a telephone. And now seven years have passed. Once Dade knocked eighteen, he immediately sat down at the computer. The new school in New York, he met like-minded people - now hackers anarchists, as well as very sexy hacker named Kate, played by Angelina Jolie. She is interested in only the computers and did not want to have anything to do with it, but eventually did joined the team.

The boys broke into the network of a large transport company, which defended the serious hacker under the nickname Plague. At the same time they announced the FBI hunt, one of the agents has become a major headache for the students.

Critics have called the film’s plot absurd and meaningless, but time has shown that this is one of the most realistic films of Hollywood. Since then there have been many stories of burglary corporate networks as if written as a blueprint for a film script.

But most importantly, the film “Hackers” showed the youth movement of the time: a new generation of technologies and unite around computers because they saw it as the future. And do not make a mistake.

20 August 2015

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