Philip Kirkorov presented a ring with the image of Vladimir Putin

Philip was presented with an exclusive decoration. During a concert at the music festival “New Wave” in the Crimea on hand 48-year-old singer noticed an unusual ring with the image of Russian President Vladimir[t:tag slug=vladimir-putin]Vladimir Putin. As it turned out, a ring made of silver 925, the artist’s personal courier delivered to the hotel, but he preferred to remain anonymous giver. SUPER asked for a comment to Philip after the concert.

- It was a wooden box, and in it I found it unusual decoration - shared with SUPER Kirkorov. - There has been engraved with the inscription in German: Putinversteher, I learned that a German neologism that can be translated as “understanding Putin.”×440_2470681-300×195.jpg

18 August 2015

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• Putin spoke about the oligarchs, forbade him to be president »»»
Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about how some oligarchs (by the way, where are they ?
• Oliver Stone finished a documentary about Putin »»»
American film director Oliver Stone finished shooting a documentary about Russian President Vladimir Putin.
• Nemtsov, Ryzhkov and Kasyanov, Illarionov in the movie "First Channel" about Putin "bridge over the abyss" »»»
In recent days, Putin became the hero of several films, telling about it from different angles.
• Giant winking Putin "made the day" New Yorkers »»»
On the giant billboard on the main square of New York suddenly appeared an image of President Vladimir Putin's Russia, which considerably surprised and amused passers-by.
• Mikhail Khodorkovsky gives a press conference in Berlin. "Herald" is the text online broadcast »»»
16.35 Khodorkovsky asked how Western countries need to communicate with Putin.