Michael Moore in September, will present a new film, “Where else would invade” of the US military campaign

The famous American director Michael Moore stunned the world community the news that his new film has been filmed and will be released this fall.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the controversial documentary in his new picture returned to his favorite theme: criticism of the US government and its military machine. Name of the film speaks for itself: “Where else would invade” (Where to Invade Next).

Moore’s project, on which work was kept strictly confidential, will be presented at the International Film Festival in Toronto in September.

“The problem of US involvement in an endless war for a long time bothered me, which made it possible to fill the film due satire” - said Moore. The content of the film director does not apply. This, however, is not surprising - the very existence of the painting became known only on Tuesday.

“Now the secret is out: I - a new film. We are very pleased that it premiered at the festival in Toronto,” - said Moore.

According to the director, it did not have a specific military adventure that inspired him to create a film.

“I do not think there was any particular reason to. We live in an era beginning, no doubt, to the events of September 11,” - said Moore, whose controversial film “Fahrenheit 9/11″ brought him world fame.

According to him, the United States is constantly needs an enemy - in order to maintain a huge military-industrial complex and the company, “making a lot of money on this.”

“In general, I have always been somewhat concerned about this. And there was my work” - summed up the director.

It is known that as a writer and director of the film made by Michael Moore. Also in the team is working on his new film, it included many of those who are already familiar from previous viewers of his paintings. In particular, the co-producer of the picture, along with Moore began to Tia Lessin and Carl Deal.

Tia worked with Moore on his film “Bowling for Columbine”, “Fahrenheit 9/11″ and “Capitalism: A Love Story” also participated in the creation of the iconic documentaries about legendary musicians: “George Harrison: Living in the Material World” by Martin Scorsese, “Amazing Journey: The Story of the group The Who” and “There is no way back: Bob Dylan.” Together with Dean, who also produced “Fahrenheit” and “Capitalism,” they dealt with other “documentaries” on the problems of American society, one of which - “Trouble the Water” (Trouble the Water) - nominated for “Oscar”.

Representatives of the administration of the festival, who were lucky enough to get acquainted with the materials of the film before, as it became known to the general public, called the film “very funny” and “very timely”.

Michael Moore took about a dozen films, most of which is devoted to a caustic criticism of modern American life ……..

29 July 2015

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