Angelina Jolie will shoot a film about the Khmer Rouge

The film is based on the book “First they killed my father daughters memories of Cambodia,” Cambodian writer Un Lun.

LOS ANGELES, July 24. / Correspondent. Makarchev TASS /. Angelina Jolie will remove the games feature-length film about Cambodia since the Khmer Rouge.

She announced in a statement released in Hollywood.

Partner in the project is the multimedia company Netflix, which specializes in streaming webcasting.

Painting over which Jolie works not only as a director, but also a producer, based on the book “First they killed my father daughters memories of Cambodia” (First they killed my father: a daughter of Cambodia remembers) Cambodian writer Un Lun. At the age of five she was mobilized command of the Khmer Rouge and was brought up as a fighter fighting unit.

“The Book of Un made deep impression on me - said Jolie. - It allowed me to understand how children experience war and how it affects their psychology. I am glad that I can right now to make a film on such an important book for me.”

The script is written Jolie pictures and Un together. The project is involved as a producer of well-known Cambodian director and screenwriter Rithi Pan. He earned fame with the release of pictures of “Rice People” (Rice People, 1994), which was nominated for “Oscar” for “Best Foreign Language Film.” The film tells about a family trying to rebuild their lives after the Khmer Rouge era.

It is expected that the film Jolie will be released in the second half of 2016.

The Government of the Khmer Rouge was in power in Cambodia from 1975 to 1979. Over the years, the country has killed about 2 million people.

24 July 2015

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