The experts evaluated the effectiveness of state cinema 1 percent

Portal conducted a study in which he tried to assess the effectiveness of state support for the film industry. According to the publication, at the box office profits brought 1 percent of films that received government funding.

From 1992 to 19 July 2015 in the theaters came 1389 national paintings, including co-productions with other countries. 1024 picture of this number have been partially or fully funded by the state. Of these, only 10 tapes brought profit for the release in cinemas. Overall, experts have counted 81 profitable domestic film in 24 years.

The total amount of state support received by the film industry during this time, the publication is estimated at 2.5 billion dollars. The most profitable among the paintings supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Fund became a movie “Kiss!” (Fees 25.53 million dollars with a budget of 1.3 million), “Cooking in Paris” (charges 14.04 million with a budget of 2.3 million), “The Legend of number 17″ (29.3 million charges with a budget of 13 7 million).

Also, the number of profitable entered the picture “shadow boxing”, “Duhless,” “Shadow Boxing 3D: The last round”, “Vysotsky. Thank you for living”, “Kiss! 2″, “Three heroes: The Knight”, ” Duhless 2 “. They were supported by the movie or its predecessor - the Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography, abolished in 2008.

State support of the Russian film industry are engaged in the Ministry of Culture and Cinema Fund. In 2015, the budgetary funds allocated to the sector amounted to 6 billion rubles. Of these, about 3 billion distributes the Ministry of Culture, and the remaining amount - Cinema Fund.

22 July 2015

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