Expert: Promotional film “Ukraine” like a nice obituary

Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine issued a promotional film for Western investors, telling about the success of the country

Video posted on the ministry’s official channel on the video hosting Youtube.

At the same time, the Ukrainian economist and political scientist Alexander Dudchak commentary edition Ukraina.Ru explained that the authors of the roller wishful thinking.

“The film looks like a nice obituary for untimely left Ukraine. All that it shows - it once was,” - said Dudchak.

In particular, he noted that, although Ukraine once and had a large part of the world chernozems, now it is not so.

“They say that Ukraine has the third chernozems … But half of them are already under the control of Western corporations. And the land is not sold hectares and cubic meters,” - said the expert.

According to him, the Ukrainian aviation industry, which is so proud of the filmmakers, in fact on the verge of destruction.

“Ukraine was among the countries with the full cycle of production of aircraft - from design to launch into production. But of all the great new products, starting with the AN-70 and AN-up 178 and AN-188, as a series of personal running and there was no . Passenger An-158 in the amount of 6 copies. to fly to Cuba, and that obtained from leasing through JSC “Ilyushin Finance Co.”, - says Alexander Dudchak.

10 July 2015

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