Russian cartoon “We can not live without space” recognized as the best in the international animation festival

Short film by Russian director Konstantin Bronzit “We can not live without space” became the winner of the largest in Europe, the International Animation Festival. He held these days in the French town of Annecy.

Picture Bronzit from the beginning was the obvious favorite. This was said by experts, members of the jury. Filmmaker standing ovation after the show. The competition program of short films was included another Russian work - “other shore” Vasily Chirkov.

Another two Russian project included in the program of television films, among them - the episode “Cinema Day” series “Masha and the Bear,” directed by Ilya Trusov,

22 June 2015

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• Russian cartoon "We can not live without space" was nominated for "Oscar" »»»
Picture "We can not live without space," Russian director Konstantin Bronzit was nominated for the award "Oscar" in the category of "Best Animated Short Film.
• One of the series "Masha and the Bear" scored more than one billion views »»»
One of a series of Russian animated series "Masha and the Bear".
• Russian cartoon "Wir können nicht ohne Raum zu leben" wurde für "Oscar" nominiert »»»
Picture "Wir können nicht ohne Raum zu leben", russischen Regisseurs Konstantin Bronzit wurde für die Auszeichnung "Oscar" in der Kategorie der nominierten "Best Animated Short Film.
• Today - Day of Russian Cinema »»»
August 27, Russian filmmakers celebrate their professional holiday - Day of Russian Cinema.
• Psychologists have banned children to watch "Masha and the Bear" »»»
Child psychologists do not recommend the popular animated series for viewing.