In Russia will soon begin broadcasting a new cable channel “Russian conservative TV” Rocket “”

According to one of the founders of the “Rocket” actor Ivan Okhlobystin, the need for the new channel caused by the fact that Russian television is no longer meets the needs of the part of the audience who hold conservative views. About who the Russian conservatives, how they differ from the Liberals and why they need your channel, Ohlobystin said in an interview “”

“To”: You said that the “Rocket” will focus on the conservative part of society. Who are the conservatives?

Ohlobystin: Do not think that this is some kind of gloomy people with cabbage beard who hold absolutely patriarchal tradition and denied all progressive. These are ordinary people who are accustomed to base their judgments on their own experience and that of their environment. This is the average educated person. Man, tired of the chaos going on in the media sphere.

Most of us conservatives. I think you, too. As soon as you are fond of pedophilia or something else like that.

But why another channel?

Unfortunately, the world is changing rapidly. And Russia too. It is completely different positions itself in relation to the world. A TV is not changed. Each channel is designed for a small segment of the audience, divided by age, interests and preferences. No channel that would provide a platform for polemical arguments for an objective, not biased information. Over the past two years I have traveled 300 Russian cities and I want to say that the audience has changed a lot. We have wonderful people and wonderful youth. Young people realized that none of them do not care except themselves. They get education, choosing a healthy lifestyle. This component of the conservative view of the world. You must be healthy and educated, to work for the good of society, provide for their families, educate their children.

The founders of the TV channel “Rocket” Ivan Ohlobystin, Alexander Kazakov, Zakhar Prilepin and Michael Porechenkov
The founders of the TV channel “Rocket” Ivan Ohlobystin, Alexander Kazakov, Zakhar Prilepin and Michael Porechenkov
Liberals are alien to these values?

Society is made up of liberal-minded audience, too. But I do not mean what is now called liberals. It is necessary to choose another name. The liberals - the same patriots as conservatives, simply because of the experimental reasons they make great tolerance for certain things. According to them, if something needs to be changed, it should be changed today. Conservatives, by contrast, believe that the full and determined no changes are necessary, it should be understood that there was good and bad, and change only the bad.

We have a lot of good movies, TV series and programs. If this content is systematized, it will not be ashamed. But we have a frank and pohaben like “House-2″, which our children are not useful. And we will impose it by such a powerful tool to influence how television. Therefore, our task as I see it, to counterbalance the liberal part of society, the idea of

17 June 2015

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