Ukrainians will look “cheap and delicious” Korean soap operas instead of Russian

Chairman of the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine Yuriy Artemenko at the next meeting, said that the Russian serials leave the Ukrainian TV space. As assured Artemenko first Ukrainian TV channels are not satisfied with the price.

“Just think: 20-25 thousand. USD. Russians are asking for an episode. And now another proposal: 200-300 per episode, this is a proposal from the Koreans,” - Chairman of the National Council of Journalists pleased.

Artemenko also added that the Korean soap operas - a television trend of Europe and the world television industry and heavy duty.

“This is a very high quality. Superb the drama of the script, elegant drama heroes, bright and impressive plans! That level! Next week we Olga Gerasimyuk represent their country,” - he stressed.

12 June 2015

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