Tax Ukraine calls for questioning 242 employees, “Vesti” (Poroshenko: “Vesti” I do not read, but I do not like, we are conducting the work against them)

At a press conference on Friday, Petro Poroshenko said that Ukraine - the unprecedented freedom of speech. At the same time across the country Gosfiskalnoy service employees called in for questioning hundreds of employees of the newspaper “Vesti” - managers, journalists and editors. Called home, rudely demanded to testify intimidated relatives …

Poroshenko on Friday, by the way, spoke not only about freedom of speech in general, and specifically about the newspaper “Vesti”. He spoke about this edition in the spirit of Soviet bureaucrat - “have not read Pasternak, but condemn.” He told the newspaper he did not like, though he did not read for a year.

Poroshenko also said, though, that he has no right to close newspapers, but made it clear that work against the “lead” authorities conducted. Like, now engaged in the publication of the tax authorities. And if they find the offense, then the “country to defend themselves”, - he concluded the president threatening.

These words really were pronounced not just. During the last week Gosfikskalnaya Service sharply stepped up its work on the holding “Vesti”. Fiscal decided to dust off tax cases fabricated against us last year (tax evasion, money laundering). By late summer, the case collapsed in the absence of evidence of a crime, and then connect to the work of the SBU, which allegedly found signs of separatism in the newspaper “Vesti”. But, as we have already mentioned, examination carried out by order of the prosecutor’s office, found no violations in the publications publications. The matter is also beginning to fall apart quickly, and now, apparently, decided to go to the second round, again having involved tax. Probably due to the fact that new evidence of our guilt has not appeared, this time fiscals valid method of intimidation.

Employees ‘Vesti’ started to massively summoned for questioning in the tax. The most common call home, roughly at the request send the agenda, have a moral pressure.

According to the editorial, it is expected to interview all 242 (!) Employee publications. Cause all the people who ever received money transfers from “News media” (founder of the newspaper “Vesti”). Maybe fiscals suggest that the way the company was engaged in “barge”? But this is absolutely ridiculous assumption, given that the majority of employees called in for questioning on a regular basis received their salary cards. Particularly cynical looks call for questioning the widow of journalist “lead” Vyacheslav Veremey killed titushkami in February 2014. Then the newspaper had a widow financial assistance. Surely in this there is a claim from sneaks?

8 June 2015

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